Outfit: Graphic Tank and Two Tone Wedges

Greetings Fashion Divas,

The other day I met up with my fashion buddies and we went to dinner and caught up with each other's lives. The one thing I really don't like about adulthood is that we can sometimes most of the time get so caught up in our own trials and tribulations that we completely neglect our friends and in some cases, our own families. I make it a point to keep in touch every so often with my people because I know I will slip and go several months without checking in. SMH

Of course I was excited to take my new heels out for a test drive............

............until, after the 3rd time my ankle collapsed, I realized that these babies are a serious safety hazard, LOL.

I'm not sure these heels will be seeing the light of day OR the dawn of night too often! I love to rock a fierce pair of shoes but I don't risk my life people!!! So utterly disappointing :-(

Earrings - Street vendor
Blazer - Macy's
Top - Zara
Necklace/Clutch - Forever 21
Shorts - Macy's
Rings - Random Boutique, Street vendors
Wedge heels - Urbanog.com



That is one cute shirt and those wedges are amazing, you, again, are my personal hero, when it comes to shoes.
Style4Curves said…
Honey LISTEN!!! those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessss!
cute outfit! those shoes are on point! too bad you wont be wearing them as much :( maybe from the car to the restaurant? LOL dont retire them just yet!

xoxo Ty
I totally agree. I try to keep in touch with loved ones as often as possible too. Love the outfit! Especially the shoes.
Ruva said…
those heels *dies**** luvage!
i guess they are what they call the car, restaurant, car, back hme shoes...


ps: checked out my latest post yet?? if not pls follow link:

Ticka said…
Very cute! I love how the shoes take the outfit to a whole other level! (literally, lol)

I'm open to donations if you need to relieve yourself of them! LOL!!
Unknown said…
Gorgeous girl and I love love love your heels. Looking HOT doll.

<3 Marina
Play Bingo said…
I knew that top was from ZARA! i have the same one. It's so comfy to wear isn't it? I'd wear it with really skinny jeans and slippers or my converse regular sneakers.
LA Lynn's said…
U and them KILLER LEGS!!!!! I'm so JELLY!!!! U are werrrk'n!!!!

Ag said…
Oh MY THOSE HEELS!!! I was like hold on those are fabulous!! You look GOOD!!!
Beauty or Swaag said…
Those shoesss girlll >>>>>