Outfit: Faux Leather Jacket and Horizontal Striped Skirt

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

How was your Thanksgiving??? Mine was amazing! My family is a bunch of comedians so it was nothing but gut-bustin laughs ALL day long. We had so much food I got full just observing the feast. I'm so thankful for their love and the many boessings that God has bestowed upon us. We spread the love and donated some of the food to our local shelter.....we trying to get to heaven something serious!!!!

I'm not sure why my original first pic got deleted. I'm blogging from my mobile so sorry if this format becomes too weird.

Anyways....I wore this look out to dinner with the bf. Horizontal stripes aren't traditionally a curvy girl's friend, but I like a challenge every now and then.....or I'm just a glutton for punishment, lol 

New heels!!!! Like I honestly need another pair...smh

Jacket/Necklace/Skirt - Forever 21
Top - Nordstrom Rack
Clutch - Barney's
Shoes -

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Outfit: Denim Jacket, Bermuda Shorts, and Metallic Loafers


Welcome back from the weekend! I twisted my ankle slightly over the weekend so I'm going to be off the heels for a short while (like a few days only). I dropped a couple of tears......but I will be okay, lol.

My feet look really long here, lol. I'm a size 7.5 but I should have went with a size 7.....these kept slipping off my feet. SMH

Glasses - Random boutique
Necklace - (old)
Jacket - Gifted from sister
Tank - Target
Shorts - (old)
Clutch - Barneys
Shoes - Forever 21 (old)



Outfit: Graphic Print, Polka Dots, and Fuzzy Heels

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Friday!!!! From now until next year I am literally engaged in some type of weekend festivity.....insane! The end of the year usually yields more events for me but this will be a good way :-)

And here's another black and white look with a pop of color. It's my 'go to' color scheme of the moment ;-)
 I try not to wear this tshirt too much because I do NOT want the written print to fade. I work hard to keep this statement near and dear to my heart!

These heels make me think of bedroom shoes. I like them.....but I feel weird whenever I wear them outside, lol.

T-shirt - Street vendor
Clutch - H&M (old)
Pants -
Heels - (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!



Outfit: Printed Duster, Knit Dress, and Yellow Bag

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

As the holiday season approaches I find myself getting more and more stingy with my spending. What is that about??? I should be blazing through these sales and prepping my shopping lists but I am not focused on that this year. Could it I finally growing up??? No seriously, I'm actually investing and getting ready to do a mini makeover with my house. After these projects, I'm going to take a minute and see if 'adulthood' finally takes control of me, lol.

Soooo......this is what I wore to go pick out kitchen countertops, lol.

This dress is super was not what I envisioned at all! But I do love my little heels!

This neon yellow bag is just what the doctor ordered to set this look off! This leaf stuck to my heel went unnoticed until now......

Duster - (sold out)
Necklace/handbag - Forever 21 (old)
Dress - (sold out)
Heels -


Outfit: Sleeveless Denim Top and Multi-colored Fringe

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I pray that your week is off to a wonderful start. I am coordinating a project for my church and it is taking a lot more work than I anticipated. But it's a stress-less job so I'm good :-)

I was rather lazy for date night so I added a pair of fun heels to make my look a bit more interesting. Check it out below.

Oh yea.....I also added a furry clutch to help uplift my look.

These shoes are a walking party!!!! They really do cause a commotion, lol. I had to stop and "show off" the heels several times to strangers. Fun times!

Denim Top - Nordstrom Rack
Skirt/Clutch - (sold out)
Heels - Christian Loboutin 'Otrot'