Outfit: 2-Piece Dress???

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I am unsure why some in the fashion world are labeling 2 piece sets....2 piece dresses? From what I learned during my quick stint in fashion school, a dress is a full garment. It may contain cutouts and sheer panels but everything is connected. I've bought a couple of 2 piece sets recently and I'm trying my best to not overdo it because they are just sooooo awesome! I feel like I'm getting super lazy in my old age, LOL. Anyways, this chic trend caught my eye and I'm loving it so far. I'm not going to label the set I'm wearing below as a 2 piece dress, however you can call it what you want I just know I'm slightly obsessed :-)

I love this set!!! My bf on the other hand said it reminded him of a bridesmaid dress. I could just beat him sometimes, LOL. On a side note, this tan is going to last at least until December. Once I get "sun burnt" it takes months for a resolution. SMH

I know this clutch is slightly "off".....but that was the look I was going for. It adds pizazz....or makes you stop and stare, either way it does the job, LOL.

Beyond everything about this look....the pockets are a serious win for me!!!

Sunglasses - N'Kayla's Boutique
Necklaces/Bracelet - Forever 21
2 Piece Set - (sold out)
Clutch - (old)
Sandals - Forever 21 (on sale - in store)


Outfit: Summer Layers

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Friday!!! I've been so in love with my weekends lately. Well actually, I always wait for weekends with a moderate level of anticipation and joy, lol. But seriously, lately I have been just enjoying life. God is so ah-mazing! I continue to be awed by his work and because I don't want to disappoint my creator....I'm doing what I know I have to do to make it to heaven, with a couple of blips along the way.

The title of this post is slightly misleading. It's like 100 + degrees outside and this blazer provided a HEAT layer!!! My intention was not to wear it, however, I just can't go to a restaurant without sleeves so I thought I would get a little stylish by adding the blazer. Ummm, I almost passed out due to my outfit commitment (because I'm not a wimp). I toughed it out but I was darn near overheated, LMBO!!!

I chose a black crop top and black heels to ground this otherwise super vibrant look.

These shorts are everything! They kept me cool and, although they are short as heck, they kept my goodies masked really well.

Necklace - Gifted
Blazer - Zara (old)
Top - Charlotte Russe
Shorts - (sold out)
Heels - (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Outfit: Easy Breezy...Now Twirl!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I hope your week is starting off well. I'm glad to get to hump day because my work week has been stressful so far. But hey, nothing to complain about so I'll keep it moving ;-) Yesterday the babe and I went out together right after work. I had some errands to run before dinner and so did he. Whenever we have a chance to just hang out I make it my mission to balance chic and comfy. I never want to be mistaken as his 'homegirl' so I got to keep it stylish right? LOL!

For this easy breezy ensemble I went with a basic tee but feminized my look by adding a mini skater skirt and heels.

I'm convinced these leopard print pumps are nudes.....they just blend so darn well with everything in my wardrobe!

....because I just had to do it. The.End. LOL

Fedora - Thrifted
Glasses/T-shirt - Forever 21 (old)
Skirt -
Watch - boyfriend's
Clutch - vintage (mom's closet)
Heels - (old)


Outfit: Baby Blue Draped Dress

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Fri-YAY!!! Although I had a short work week I am soooo ecstatic for this week to be over with. Today is my bf's birthday and I cannot wait for him to see what I have in store! The young man is going to be in shock because he knows darn well I'm not creative....thoughtful.....but definitely not creative, LOL. He's a poet so tonight we will be celebrating his birthday feature at an open mic show. Tomorrow is a day of surprises for my love and just in case he's reading today's post I will leave it at that ;-)

I am still quite bronzed from my vacation and will probably remain that way until lie. Oh well, I'm proud of my dark and lovely hue! As a matter of fact, my tan contrasts nicely with this soft blue garment.

I paired this dress with a printed belt and silver accessories to amp up the glam factor. These strappy heels are surprisingly comfortable. They are extremely difficult to put on but after that they are the best walking partners!

I love an open-back garment.....just fab!

Earrings - Burlington
Dress - BCBG Max Azria (old)
Belt - Urban Outfitters (old)
Clutch - Forever 21 (old)
Heels - DSquared2 (sold out)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Outfit: Canary Yellow Crop Top and Culottes

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back from my vacation feeling super refreshed and searching aggressively for ways to make traveling my career. Like seriously.....what do I have to do and who do I need to contact to do it! LOL!

Well besides my obvious travel lust, I have to share this crop top I'm completely lusting over below. As you can see, it literally brightens my outlook :-)

I was actually in the mood for a crop top to wear out to dinner. Why on earth would I want to show my stomach before and after eating??? I don't know, I guess I've just been waiting to wear this lovely top so I jumped at the first opportunity I had, lol.

The ruffle on this top is so fierce!!! Due to my skin baring, fitted top, I decided to pair it with my new culottes. Sexy and demure is my favorite style contrast!!! Ladies you have to keep them guessing. Not to mention a respectable looking female gets way more interest than those who don't take pride in their appearance. And I am referring to interest from potential employers, business partners, love interests, etc!

FYI...I paired my black and white polka dot clutch with this ensemble. I was in a rush to take pics so although I realized I left it behind after photo number 2......I just kept going. SMH

Earrings - Street vendor
Crop Top -
Culottes - (sold out)
Heels - (sold out)