Outfit: Silk Shirt Dress and Leopard Print Heels

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday! I had such a fabulous weekend doing the most absolutely random stuff (i.e. shopping, painting, bird watching - don't ask), I realized that I'm really not meant to work for the rest of my life in a 9a-5p, lol. I just want to do things I want, when I want. But alas, like the message in church yesterday reiterated to me, God will bless the work of your hands. Which means, we have to put in the work. I can't just be a bum floating along and expecting good things to occur. I gotta work! So, I will take this to heart as I begin to get frustrated, tired, and generally angry while on the job, LOL.

Disclaimer: I still don't know how to work this darn new DSLR camera.......and I will die if I have to read the tiny instructions, LOL

I really love this shirt dress. If I can wear it weekly.......I would. However, I will hold off from over wearing it and just bring it out on occasion for a sweet surprise to my psyche, lol.

I cinched the waist this time with a leather belt I bought a few years back. Oh wait, it's been almost a decade since I bought it. I like to 'discover' old items in my closet every now and then :-)

I love these leopard print heels paired with the peach hue of this dress. I mean.....leopard goes with everything #neutral

Earrings - Nordstrom
Necklace/Ring - Forever 21
Dress - Zara (old)
Belt - Random boutique in Atlanta
Clutch - Vintage (mom's)
Heels - (sold out)


Outfit: Running Errands

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

After I got off 'work' on Saturday, I ran a couple errands with the boo. I kept it pretty casual for my overall look, however, I decided to go for a more grown look by adding the heels.

I'm a tomboy at heart, however, every now and then I try to 'do the most' so that I feel and look good ;-)

Dude.......I LOVE this bag! As soon as I find one in dark brown I'm buying it ASAP!

Heels are my favorite 'leg shapers' calves are firm!

Earrings - Street vendor
Tank Top - .....forgot, too old
Handbag - H&M
Watch - Emporio Armani (old)
Skirt - Zara (old)
Bracelets - Forever 21
Heels - Steve Madden



Outfit: Mesh Panels

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!!! It's my 2nd favorite day of the week (Sunday is my #1) and although I'm a call this weekend at the hospital, that's not going to stop me from making the most of my 'decompression days', lol.

I went out last weekend against my better judgment but I must say I did have fun.

I brought a little color to this black and white palette with my new blue lippie. Clearly I'm determined to step outside the box, lol. The blue lippie and au naturel hair is adding a serious edgy factor to this look.

Rocking my lovely silver pumps. They are so shiny!!! LOL!

Earrings - Forever 21 (old)
Crop Top - (sold out)
Pants - (old)
Rings - Street vendor
Clutch - Saks Fifth Avenue
Heels - (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Outfit: Green Palette

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

My hair journey has been........a struggle, for lack of a better description. And because I have a slight vanity issue *insert cough here* I have not been feeling like dressing up when I go out the house. However, yesterday I decided to suck it up. I put together a simple look to head to....(drug roll please).....Target, LOL.

I took my TWA (teeny weeny afro) along for the ride. I love the weather now that the incessant rain has ceased. I'm still rocking tanks and mini skirts.

I'm so not here for this shrinkage.....let me move on before I rush out to get a box perm, lol. Just kidding:-) I really love combining different tints of the same color. The contrast always makes an eye-catching statement.

I can't believe I've had these pumps for like 10 years!!!! I refuse to get rid of them because they remain super relevant to me. I just love them....

Earrings - Vintage
Necklace/Skirt - Urban Outfitters (old)
Top/Ring - Forever 21
Clutch - Zara (sold out)
Heels - Aldo (super old)


DANNIJO Sample Sale

Greetings My NYC Fashion Friends,

Guess who's having a sample sale today...........the incomparable Dannijo!

They will be offering jewelry from current and past collections – the bulk of which will be priced between $100-$200. Prices start at just $ awesome is that!

Here are a few samples of what to expect at the sale

Dannijo's pieces are stunning and always make a lovely statement. See details below on where to go to get you a couple pieces.

ADDRESS: DANNIJO Showroom - 433-435 West 14th Street (Between 9th & Washington) Suite 2F (New showroom!)
Happy Shopping!!!!


Outfit: Sexy Grunge

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's everyone's favorite day of the week!!!! Well...if it's not your favorite day, my bad, lol. I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to feel Monday really hard. Oh well, I'll just have to look like I'm dazed and confused because although I'm working, my nights are going to be packed. First up, this evening I'm going to get creamed in a game of pool with the bf and his friends. I don't suck at pool...but my man is really good. I found out he was holding back on me during the early days of our courtship when I watched a game between him and his father, lol. It was intense and my jaw was open the entire game, lol. But I'm getting better......I hope :-)

An impromptu date night had me rushing to get something together. Now normally I would just tell the bf something like this "No, I'm tired and I just twisted my hair down for the night". However, we had tickets to a comedy show and well.....I can never say no to busting my guts with laughter :-) So the basic body con paired with the trendy flannel at the waist was my go to. I had few other choices because the hat was a must, lol. I added a bright lippie, oversized earrings, and heels to spruce up the look.

I am going to wear this look again, but next time I plan to switch out the heels for combat boots. I love the grunge look. Actually, I love a 'polished grunge look' ;-)

Hat/Cuff - Hot Topic
Earrings - Random boutique
Necklace - Diesel
Dress/Shirt - Forever 21 (both sold out)
Heels - (sold out)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!