Outfit: Midi Summer Dress and Tailored Blazer

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Sunday at church, the message focused on domestic violence. The sermon was taken from 2 Samuel 13:1-20 and titled "When a Fool's Love Hurts". With all the attention surrounding the NFL and the disturbing Ray Rice case, the subject of domestic violence needed to be addressed. It's not discriminatory act, domestic violence affects all races, both genders, all ages, and all creeds. We have to educate and empower ourselves against abuse. The bible tells us that only fools commit domestic violence. It is not the will of God. Domestic abuse is a learned behavior. Additionally, domestic abusers don't listen to rationale because they're self-serving. Lastly, domestic abusers live on lust. They don't understand love. Love should never be expressed violently or in anger. If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic violence, please see help.

I wore this sundress to service......but of course I covered up the halter style with a chic blazer as you will see below.

A dress with pockets......the best thing EVER!!!!!

The addition of the blazer took the look to another level....more sophisticated and definitely more church friendly ;-)

Earrings - Vintage (grandmother's jewelry box)
Blazer - French Connection (old)
Necklace - Burlington Coat Factory
Dress - Theory (old)
Heels - Lorissa by Sam Edelman (old)



Outfit: Studded Belt and Quilted Skirt

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't you tell I'm in love with this skirt, lol!

Love the quilted fabric and it is really light (I expected the skirt to be heavy).

Me and my little hat were the talk of the church....LOL

Hat - Random boutique
Earrings - Gifted
Top - Old Navy
Belt - Charlotte Russe (old)
Skirt - (sold out)
Watch - Emporio Armani
Handbag - Sak's Fifth Avenue
Heels -
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Outfit: Silk Denim Tank and Trousers

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I have quick post to share with you all. This natural hair journey is a wee bit rough for me, lol. I just threw my hair into badly done frohawk, cried a little, then grabbed something quick to go run my errands last weekend. And ladies and gents....this basically occurs daily! What a vicious cycle I'm in, lol.

To pull this look together.....I went heavy with the accessory additions. I had to go with excessive to distract from my poorly tailored trousers! Okay, okay......they haven't been to the seamstress at all!!!! Shame on me!

Wait.....I wasn't ready, lol.
Who's ready to start the official paperwork that cements leopards relabeling as a 'neutral'. I love leopard print!!!!

Earrings - Street vendor
Top/Bracelets - Nordstrom
Trousers - (sold out)
Clutch - Vintage cigar box
Heels - (sold out)


Outfit: Faux Wrap Body Con Dress

Greetings Fashionistas,

Hey, hey, hey it's FRI-DAY!!!! I think I want to go out and get turned up!!!! LOL I'm just lying real hard. I think I want to dress up, go out to dinner with the bf, and just relax at home.

Speaking of dinner.....I wore this look out for a meet up with my coworkers from the gym. Ummm.....this dress was not a good idea to wear to dinner. For one, it shows every thing...every single bump I possess on my body, LOL. So that after dinner pudge was on full display. And I do not own any Spanx or other brands to help smooth me out. SMH

 I love these heels......but unfortunately they are so not comfortable!!!

Necklace/Bracelets - Burlington Coat Factory (old)
Dress - (sold out)
Clutch - Forever 21 (old)
Heels - B by Brian Atwood (sold out)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Outfit: Casually Glam in Sweltering Heat

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

My work week is off to a challenging start but I'm pushing forward regardless. I am actually trying to complete some DIY projects around the home to help me stay well-rounded but by the time I get home, cook, prep for the next day, and catch up on emails, its darn near 12AM!!! It makes me realize that if I had kid....I'd be screwed, lol.

My fam was over for Labor Day and I wore this casual chic look to run a couple errands with my mom and aunt. It's still hot as Hades out here sooooo....minimal layers! This heat is still serious in my locale.

I decided to incorporate this beaded clutch, statement necklace, and high heels for a casually glam look. It's my favorite style ever!

Hey legs!!!! My bf says these shorts reminds him of a baby's diaper and I gave him a hard side eye so quick I got an instant headache! He better keep his crazy comments to himself, lol.

Nerd glasses - (sold out)
Necklace - SoSo Jewelry (old)
Tank top - Target
Bracelets/Clutch - Forever 21 (old)
Shorts - Zara (old)
Rings - Street vendor
Heels -