Top It Off

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Welcome to the new and improved Top It Off blog. This blog will focus on looks featuring accessories from online retailer Top It Off.

We are so excited to continue this fashion journey!!! Please feel free to head on over to Top It Off, the place where you can find the perfect piece for every look!!!

I love an all black look....don't you? I accessorized this fitted LBD with our Ring and Chain Accent Flap Bag and our statement making Chunky Acetate Flower Drop Earrings

Here's a funny TMI story about this dress. So I'm getting ready and my hair gets caught by the dress. As I'm trying to fix it, my arm gets trapped. By this time I'm frustrated and hot, lol. I look in the mirror and boom....I like the look of it. And that ladies and gentlemen is referred to as accidental styling!!!!

Accessories courtesy of Top It Off boutique