Hawaii Recap - Part III

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Thanks so much for your positive comments about my trip and my mommy. She is just tickled pink....similar to this pink outfit below she decided to wear in my presence on our tour, LOL. She's my pookie and told me she was comfortable and chic, LMBO!!! Love her!

We always started out mornings out with a well balanced breakfast. I had french toast and eggs....sorry I was too greedy to take before pictures, lol.

My mother had a scrumptious waffle.

Headed to the north coast of Oahu!

But first, we had to stop at the absolutely gorgeous and serene Byodin Temple. It was so peaceful I could have stayed there for hours......

Earrings, Top, Shorts - Forever 21
Ring - Street vendor (NYC - Soho)
Sandals - Sam Edelman

I seriously wanted to take that statue home.....that's wrong on so many levels. SMH.

Whew those shorts kept getting shorter and shorter, LMBO! It's the thunder thighs....oh well.

The most awe inspiring work of nature to me are mountains and volcanoes.....close behind those are waterfalls. I could stare at them for hours on end.

This island was called China Man's Island because the shape reminded the early settlers of a China man's hat......I see the resemblance, can you?

The waves along the North Shore of Oahu are fierce. This is why the surfing competitions are held here. We were told they got as high as 74 feet.....YIKES!

Had to buy a cardigan because it was pretty chilly with the wind and change in elevation.

These crazy teenagers were diving off a rocky cliff into the tumultuous waters below.....ummm scary!!!

Heyyyy momma!

We got a chance to go the famous Turtle Beach and we were lucky enough to come across one. It's against the law to disturb their natural habitat which is why this pic is taken far away. Well, I probably wouldn't have gotten close even if I was allowed too, lol.

This was the last stop on our tour. The famous Dole factory.......pineapple heaven!!!

Pineapple yogurt.....hmmm, yummy!!!

See you all tomorrow :-)



Simply Tasheena said…
So many great pictures! Thanks for sharing!!

Mrs. Delightful
Ritcha Verma said…
Your mom's soo cute!! :) Lovely series of posts....

Your mommy looks so cute in pink, I love that, my mom, when she's in office outfits, she a jeans kind of lady, just like me,
Ticka said…
Love that you are taking us on your trip with you through all of the pics!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a great time with your mommy. That scenery is amazing. That turtle looked huge, I love turtle, I'm sure I would have gotten closer
Wow it looked really chilly on that beach. The pineapple yogurt looks delish!
Unknown said…
Fun pics.. looks like you and Mom had a blast :) Thanks for sharing

xoxo Kellz* said…
super jealous goshh aww ure mommie:)
Unknown said…
You guys look like you're having so much fun. A vacay sounds like so much fun..
Awww, Hawaii is one of my dream vacay spots - some day! You and your mom look like you're having an awesome time!
Cathy said…
I lovelovelove how you split up your trip into parts.
haha I just can't get enough xD.

You look good.
your outfit is super cute, and when in Hawaii it seems like every day is a good day for shorts. haha

Tammy said…
Great pics.. now i'm jelly :)

Awww it looked like you had a great time!! I wish i came with u lol
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and actually answering my question.
I wish you would of followed my blog, i don't know why you didn't. But ill follow yours. Why wouldn't i? Your blog is great :)

Kami from brokefashionista11.blogspot.com
KC said…
These are GREAT pictures!
The only problem that I've noticed is that you forgot to pack me in one of your suitcases! ;)
Dana said…
I seriously envy you on so many levels... Hawaii, the ocean breeze blowing through your hair, shorts, being in nature, etc... but most of all spending time with your Mom. Priceless!! Enjoy.


Ria said…
Wow what an amazing experience. My friend recently moved to Hawaii to open up a store. She said she's got a pull out sofa with my name on it haha.