Outfit: Chunky Knits and OTK Boots

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! Yeeeyyyy.....*insert happy dance here*. It has been a hectic week to say the least. However, it has also been a super productive week as well. Two projects I'm working on are out of my court. I'll have to revisit them later but at least I get an extended break for now. GO ME!!!! This Saturday I will be headed back home for my little nephew's birthday party but today is his birthday. So I must honor that little man....... Happy birthday Marvin! He's 10 years old and I LOVE that little guy. Of course auntie is gonna spoil her baby....per usual. Lol!

Below I've included some photos from a day spent with my bff. It was her birthday so of course I had to grace her with my presence although she would beg to differ and suggest it was her presence that blessed our outing.....o_o.....she's so crazy!

Scarf - Zara
Sweater and Jeans - Forever 21
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Boots - Alloy.com

This is the bestie Ja'Kim......isn't she gorgeous??? My friends are so pretty and such fab women. She's a CPA for a major accounting firm and she flies around the country handling accounts for large retailers and businesses. When I tell you she's fab....she's FAB!

I can't believe it was actually chilly enough for the above combination - chunky scarf, sweater, AND boots. Amazing!

BTW....this scarf is one of my favorites. It's so cozy and I can literally wrap it like 5 times!

You know I had to throw in my fierce "Tyra Banks" pose! LOL!

I have known this chick since pre-school! PRE-SCHOOL!!! She's always been the same, sweet and genuine person.....although she does get MIA around tax seasons, lol. But I refuse to throw her behind to the curb ;-)

I took that heffa out to eat and then...because we're such nerds.....we went to the bookstore for some more shopping! Too funny! We were like little kids. She showed restraint but I walked outta there with two books :-)

I wish you all a safe and fun-filled weekend!



Simply Tasheena said…
Marvin and I share the same Birthday! Happy Birthday Marvin!

~Mrs. Delightful
Sazi Efionayi said…
hapi birthday to your nephew....and a lovely weekend.
Valeria said…
Following you!!! xo

Valeria said…
Following you!!! xo

Ticka said…
Awwwww! Looks like you guys have fun together! Isn't it nice to have best friends?!

You both look fabulous! Love both of your boots!

The longer the boots, the more I like :).
I hope you will have an amazing weekend.
Unknown said…
Happy birthday to your nephew and bff.

You two looks great and I love your scarf.

Happy weekend pretty girl.
Sam said…
Yay for Friday! Happy Birthday to your nephew, you sound like an aunt any child would love to have!
You are both so stylish ladies! Love the chunky scarf
Style4Curves said…
Aw, love this post! You ladies look like you have a ton of fun together. And your Tyra Banks pose cracks me up...I would just end up looking angry but you do look fierce! lol!

Have a beautiful weekend!
XO - Marion
Gillie said…
I love your infinity scarf and bag, and your friend looks adorable too, it looks like you had lots of fun!

xo Gillie
Unknown said…
I'm also ecstatic that it's the weekend already! Happy B'day to your BFF & happy B'day in advance to your nephew! You guys look amazing..I'm loving your boots, sweater, & scarves!
Beauty or Swaag said…
both of you looked so cute !
I love your boots and your scarf.
I just want all of your shoes, please? haha

xoxo, Shariece
Unknown said…
LOVEEEE! I have a couple over the knee boots...I need to pull em out more often! And I love big cozy sweaters!

My "quasi-boo" that I needed the wkend date wardrobe for is a CPA for a major acct firm. That was our last visit before "busy season" so I totally get it. He aint nevah gonna be more than a quasi-boo during tax season! lmbo!
Arr said…
There's nothing like having a great friend.

I love the scarf.

It's so funny to see you guys bundled up in front of a palm tree. Great juxtaposition.
Chandana said…
You and your friend look so pretty! Love the boots!

♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com
Fashion Pad said…
Thx ladies!

@OurDelightfulHome....Happy Bday woman!

@Dr.Reginia....LOL, that's too funny I didn't even realize the contrast!
Jeeda said…
Love it all! The outfits, the friendship, the bday lunch/bookstore shopping spree;) just love it all...lol Both of you look fab chica!
Sazi Efionayi said…
hey darling....i will totally giv u d jacket if u give me ur bag.....lol,thanks for dropping by my blog...xoxo

Anonymous said…
You both are fab! I love books too so I cannot comment! Have a fab weekend!

Rach said…
your chunky scarf is really cute!!!

Latest blog post: Steve Maddens Make Happy Feet
You both look gorgeous! I like your chunky scarf and your friend's leather jacket :)
Marcela Gmd said…
Beautiful photos!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥
Great friends are a rarity and there's nothing like them! Glad you all had a good time! Love those boots honey!
Sincerely Mally said…
Hectic week indeeed!!! Love those boots hunny!
LV said…
Happy Birthday to your nephew! You both look cute! I love what you are wearing. Very stylish and effortlessly chic. Love the colors and those boots are Fabulous!
Unknown said…
you both look amazing! what stylish pair! :)
Sick by Trend said…
very cool the outfits!!!! I'm following

Check my blog and follow me if you like :)


Anonymous said…
Both of ya'll are comfy cozy and haute as ever!

Tavia Mac said…
You both look comfy, cozy but most importantly chic!

Happy belated birthday to your bestie and your nephew!

Thick Chick said…
Are you sure she can't go to the curb...it wouldn't be hard. I almost selected "yikes"... but I'm practicing being gracious to others so the Lord will be gracious to me... ;-)
~Style Bot~ said…
I am such a fan of OTKBs. These are so cute. I love that bag too. Let me find out, LOL!

With Class & Sass,
Fashion Pad said…
@ThickChick...LMBO, you're so stuuupppiiidd!