Outfit: Presentation Ready

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Yesterday, I had a big presentation at work. However, instead of pulling out a suit, I decided to go business chic with a top and skirt combo befitting for the lecture hall and for making a fashionable statement ;-) Of course both items worn were peaking out from underneath my lab coat. SMH.

I tried to keep it a little conservative.....but you know I love a pop of color ;-)

Let me tell you that this skirt is basically transparent! I don't know why I didn't notice it until I was walking out of the parking garage :-( I do not own a slip.....haven't owned one for years and don't plan on getting one either. Oh lemme stop.....it's not gonna hurt me to get at least one I guess.

I'm laughing here because I almost bust my behind.....thanks nephew for pointing it out to me, lol.

I remember a time when I would have never paired black and brown together.....I was so naive when it came to fashion, color combos, and flattering cuts. Unfortunately, I was one of those who didn't realize I couldn't wear every style. But don't fret.....I'm a quick learner ;-)

Top - Banana Republic
Belt and Skirt - Forever 21
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Heels - Steve Madden


Unknown said…
You look great doll. I love the pop of color and don't worry I don't own a slip either lol.

Now following back.

Unknown said…
Very nice! I'm not a fan of slips either, I think I own one, that looks like it should go under a mini-skirt, it looks child size.. Love the green :)

I love this look on you, green suits you. I mean it!
Unknown said…
You look great and I love that colour green! Good choice :) x
LA Lynn's said…
That GREEN is GORGEOUS on you!!!!! BTW, gimme that handbag!
Mary and Dyer said…
loveeee the green on you! and of course the LV bag :)
Loving the green sweater. Now following. Thanks for the comments on my blog
LV said…
I love that shade of green! Very chic!

super cute outfit! I am now your follower too:)
CeCe said…
I love this! Especially that green pop of color!