Recap: Fashion's Night Out - NYC

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

So today I'm giving you a recap of my FNO experience. Now here's the bad camera went dead on me :-( I know, I know, I've been seriously meaning to get a new camera due to my current one's unreliability (Idk too many bloggers that have cameras that require batteries or their screens are 1.5 inches wide). SMH. Unfortunately, I had switched purses (I was carrying a clutch during the day), so I didn't have any extra batteries with me. OH THE AGONY!!!!!!!! I know, I will definitely remember what I experienced...but got danggit I'm a visual person so of course I need pictures!  I saw so many fabulous and stylish divas and dudes....but I had no way to capture them! Well, technically I did...I could have used the camera on my phone but who thinks of stuff like that when they're panicking over their real camera, texting, and tweeting???

Anyhew, I blood pressure is rising and I won't be able to focus on the task at hand in a little while. I will tell you that I did attend 3 events and I attempted to get into about 5 in total. I started off in Times Square, because that's where I was staying (Marriott Marquis), and the first place I hit up happened to be Sephora, which was right across the street. Actress Kate Walsh was there from the TV show The Practice and it was pandemonium!!! No offense to any of her fans, but I didn't realize she was such a big crowd draw. Sephora is not normally a shopping destination for me but I just went in anyways because they had a very festive atmosphere and I honestly didn't have a game plan. LOL. I got talked into buying the Big Lash mascara.....serves me well. I gave it to my mother later on because she thought it was great. After leaving Sephora, I stopped into Forever 21. The store was packed...of course...and there are 4 floors!!! So just imagine how many fashionistas were in attendance. They were rocking some interesting outfits...mainly stilettos with minis (either dresses or skirts) and paired with funky tops in oddly matched silhouettes and patterns. Several chicks came in wearing flats then swiftly switched to heels...loved it! I bought several items while there but it was so packed I had to get outta there because it was super hot!

Next, I traveled to SoHo! It took about 30 minutes due to traffic congestion, but I finally made it. The first and only shop I was able to slip into while I was there, was Esprit! Thank goodness the lovely PR folk sent me photos for this event or this would have been a pretty heavy post involving lots of commentary, and literally one outfit pic. My apologies....

 Haaa! I remember standing in this line!!! I met a lot of fab divas but what was really bothersome is that some people were actually clueless as to what was going on. How could you NOT know???? They had signs everywhere. There was even commercials playing on a 5 minute loop in the cabs. Weird!

 Esprit debuted a branded street truck outside its Broadway location plastered with images of Gisele Bundchen and Erin Wasson from their new campaign. What was really cool is that they helped keep shopper’s energy on "high" (as the shopping mood) by passing out 40% off bounce back cards to the store, branded umbrellas, tees, and Sheets™ ( DJ DL spun tunes inside the store to keep the night’s celebration going. It was a really exciting experience and I was so awestruck, LOL!

My only personal photo from the evening. I stopped some random dude on the street to take my photo, lol. He kept backing up like he couldn't see me. He was probably saying...."this is the smallest screen on earth", LMBO

Necklace - Street vendor
Top and Jeans - Forever 21
Cuff - Hot Topic
Rings - Street vendor
Handbag - LV Speedy 35
Wedge heels - Aldo

After Esprit, I headed on over to YSL boutique....ummm not a good idea. It was so crazy the police had to show up. I didn't know it while I was there, but I heard (and later saw photos) that Niki Minaj was there and all her Barbz shut the place down. It was a tad bit scary, which is why I left. I didn't have my crew with me if things would have gotten outta control (shout out to Brandy, Keysha, and Brandye). Lastly, I proceeded to go to Saks because I was following them, and some of my other blogger friends, on Twitter and they seemed to be having a ball. But alas, too many celebrities sightings had the scene crawling with their stans and fans. I just can't do it. I go ga-ga over Marc Jacobs, DVF, Vera Wang, etc......NOT over the celebs. No shade...I'm just more interested in the brains behind the designs during this time.

So.....there you have it. I debated long and hard about including this coverage as I knew I would be angry and distraught while typing this because of my lack of pictures. Oh well, several of you inquired and I was lucky enough to be in the city during FNO. You live and you learn. Next time I'm going to be on point. Can't wait to start camera shopping. I know I want a Canon....just not sure which model to go with yet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My budget is around $400....but I don't want it to be too bulky. I'm a klutz so I need to be able to tuck it away from my slippery fingers ;)

Tomorrow I'll bring you more stylish outfit pics from my NY trip. My mother and I greatly enjoyed ourselves!!!

P.S. - don't wear any knit items to Fashion's Night Out!!! The hoards of fashion followers is enough to heat up the entire city of NY in January...........caliente!

Pics courtesy of Esprit



LA Lynn's said…
OMG!!!! That was too funny about the random dude!!!! But, I see he managed to capture a great shot of you... the shoes are fabulous!!!!

BTW, that crowd looks dangerous!!!! YIKES!!!!
I love Sephora & would love them more if there was one in every city. FNO in NYC seems to be where it's at- thanks for sharing your great coverage. Loving your shoes. :)
Unknown said…
Oh. Em. Gee I want those shoes!!! So chic!
I love your wedges, you look gorgeous.
G. said…
I LOVE those wedges! ❤
♛ FWB said…
Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]

<3 FWB
Kerissa said…
You need to show off your shoe collection. These Aldo wedges are badddd!!! The green top is striking on you.