The Liebster Award

Greetings Fashion Followers,

Happy Sunday :-) I know it's unusual to see a post from me on a Sunday, but I have to acknowledge two really thoughtful fashion blogger friends. Trice of High Heels & Good Meals and KC of A Single Mother's Journey have graciously given me the Liebster Award. Yippie!!!

The Liebster blog award is given to amazing bloggers with less than 200 followers to get them exposure and allow them to make more connections! What a fabulous idea!!! I've actually been blogging for a while now, but I unwittingly stayed in my own little world. Who knew there were so many stylish femmes out there which has skyrocketed my fashion voyeurism to new heights! I'm so glad that I have started to network because you guys are simply AMAZING!!!!!!!

Now all I have to do is pick 5 fabulous bloggers to give the award to. I randomly chose some hidden gems and please don't be offended if I didn't consider you. Trust me when I say that I give all the fab fashion blogs I've come across mad love in the blogosphere AND on Twitter ;-) So without further adieu, below is my short list of fab fashion blogs below:

Please make sure you check out these awesome bloggers that are sure to add fashion flair to our blogosphere.

Award recipients must remember to:

1. Show your appreciation to your award giver by linking
    back to them.

2. Comment on the blogs that you have chosen, so they are 
    aware of the award you have given them.

3.  And finally proudly post the award to your blog!

Thanks again fab fashionistas!!!



Congratulations on your award! It really is a fabulous idea. Off to check the blogs you've recommended. x
Crystal said…
Thank you so much! =)

Unknown said…
Thank you so much for awarding me the Liebster Award!
Alexandria said…
congratulations!! you have a very nice style:)
Lili said…
Congrats and keep it up, you deserve it... and thanks a lot u made me blush!
xo Dior
Liz Lizo said…
Oh dear, thanks you so much I'm flattered. I am just now going through my comments. Now let me see if I can follow the directions correctly, it's my first award in a long time.

Liz Lizo
Stanique said…
First of all Congrats to you & Thanks girl!! This is awesome!!

Practically Coffee