Outfit: Patterns.....

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I went out to dinner a couple of days ago and I got a little pattern happy. Not too much however, you guys know I'm a plain clothes diva, lol.

Yeah, yeah, the patterns are pretty simple but the point is that I actually incorporated this trendy look into my personal style.

I'm making progress!!!!!

The cardigan looks slightly psychedelic in this pic. At least I'm getting a little dizzy.

I forgot that I had this handbag. I was just saying that I needed another black carryall. Sweet!

Earrings - boutique in Miami
Cardigan - Forever 21
Tank - Forever 21
Necklace and rings - street vendor
Handbag - Nordstrom
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Boots - Charlotte Russe

Au revoir!

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3 lovely fashionistas commented:

Miriam said...

Nice casual look

Jennifer said...

Nice outfit. I think the stripes look great on you.

Noelle said...

The stripes combo is cute. I hate when people go over the top with patterns.