Outfit: Eastern Culture Inspired

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Yaaayyy it's FRIDAY!!!! I'm going in to work with a smile on my face and some pep in my step (let's see how long I can maintain my happy disposition, lol). I'm headed out of town this weekend to catch up with friends and then it's back to work on my personal project. FYI....the name of this blog will be receiving an update. It's time to shift gears and I can't wait to share with you :-)

I know I know....I got the twin peaks on display. But in my defense, when you have a smaller bust line it's sooooo tempting, and easy, to wear these types of fashion styles. I've always had a strong love affair with Eastern fashion sense. The Geisha in particular is my favorite. The print on this dress reminds me of them. I added the statement earrings and pinned back the braids for this inspirational look.

I normally don't wear white heels. The only white shoes I used to own were white sneakers, lol. But I purchased the heels above on sale, from a trendy site. I'm surprisingly happy I have them. That contrast against this melanin and the color amplification is the bomb.com!!! Get you a pair!!!

I thought I was going to regret wearing this dress because the sleeves are long and temperatures have been scorching. However, the satin-like material kept me cool.

Earrings - Burlington
Dress - PrettyLittleThing.com
Clutch - Street vendor
Heels - GoJane.com
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Unknown said…
Love the bold print!