Outfit: Floral Coverup and Ruffled Maxi

Greetings Fashion Pad Friends,

Why do short, work weeks feel longer than regular 5-day work weeks? Can someone please explain this fascinating concept??? I've had a really long week folks. It's like they punish you for the holiday and one less day to grind you to an early grave.....okay, dramatic much? Sorry, it's been a LONG week! LOL!

I'm gone with the wind fabulous with this look guys! LOL! It was super windy and I had to work hard to keep the front slit in my maxi to a respectable peep show.

I like the length of this cover-up but it's really not conducive to long wear. By the end of the day the bottom 5 inches was insanely dirty, LOLOLOL!

Love this wrap dress but it really highlights ALL my curvy assets!!!!

Cover-up - Byfyne.com
Dress - Asos.com
Handbag - ModaOperandi.com
Heels - ShopAkira.com

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!