Outfit: Striped Button-Down, Destroyed Denim, and Bright Accessories

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

It's FRIDAY!!!! I have been a literal zombie these past 2 days, lol. Note to self: Take off an additional 2-3 days to recover from your vacation. My mom really enjoyed her birthday trip and that made me feel great. My sister joined us on the trip and between her and my mom's antics, they kept me fully entertained the entire trip! I thank God for my family!

Listen.....I need to wear oversized clothing for the next 3 weeks at least. This month's activities have killed my diet. Now, I'm working with a necromancer to resurrect it, LOL! Seriously, if you're feeling a bit fluffy round the middle, button-down shirts, skater and empire-waist dresses are a girl's best friend!!!

I'm not a fan of catcalls......hence the facial expression.

These heels are one of my favorites!!! They always bring me mad attention when I wear them out.

I threw my bag over my shoulder as opposed to wearing it around my waist, to create a different look. I will admit it was annoying because it kept sliding down. Eventually I stuffed one end in my back pocket to keep it in place, LOL.

Fanny Pack - ShopJacquem.com (get yours here)
Top - Borrowed from my bf (alternatives here or here)
Bracelet - Gifted (try this one here)
Jeans - Ross (old; similar styles here, here, and here)
Heels - Asos.com (old; try this pair here)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!