Outfit: Polka Dots and Horizontal Stripes

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

How was your weekend? What about your Monday? Did you get up complaining or did you thank the good Lord for another day? Listen, as a part of Lent season, our pastor has charged us with getting back to the root of Christianity....being Christ-like!!! Seems simple right? Not in the least! It's challenging to be humble, generous, slow to anger, forgiving, loving, and level-headed. I could seriously go on and on but I am focusing on the above AND trying to keep it positive (no negative thoughts). However, I acknowledge my human faults so if I do backslide, then I plan to take a deep breath, lift up a word of prayer, and start again ;-)

I am not one to mix a lot of prints.....I can blame it on my minimalist style. However, I love basic print mixing such as the two above. I love polka dots and stripes go really well with this pattern. My advice to you, start with simple prints in the same color scheme.

I love these pumps! I stalked them for a long time before I took the plunge. They're just soooo fab! And the heel is super sturdy. It's made of titanium so of course that baby isn't breaking at all!!!

I added the motorcycle jacket and fringe bag for a bit of edge....that and it was a little chilly, LOL.

Jacket - Fashion Nova (sold out; try these here, here or here)
Skirt worn as top - Bohoo.com (old; alternatives here or here)
Skirt - Forever 21 (similar styles here and here)
Handbag - H&M (old; get a similar look here)