Outfit: Tulip Sleeved Knit Bodycon Dress

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I had a wonderful experience yesterday with a patient. I was consulted to review his medications and as I'm looking over the patient's chart I realize he's only 22 years old! I was so anxious about meeting with him, not because I was worried about him, but our young adult patient's family members are really aggressive. I completely understand so I just have to put on my calming, patient aura. Well, this young man was alone. I asked him if he had anyone to sit with him and he said no. He sent his mom and sister away because they were overwhelming the nurses, LOL. So I decided to sit and chat with him and go over his meds. He was extremely sharp and so positive about his outlook. I almost didn't want to leave. It's rare to meet people, especially young adults, that are at peace in the mist of their storms. It's human nature to worry, become despondent, and generally freak out. My time with my patient was refreshing and inspiring. Guys and gals, we only live once. No matter what you're faced with.....face it with dignity and with a level head. The power of positivity is extraordinary!

I love these trendy mesh ankle boots. They're really edgy so I paired them with a simple bodycon for a nice contrast.

Oops....these thighs decided to make a GRAND entrance!!! Haaa!

Sweater Dress - FashionNova.com (sold out; try this one here or here)
Clutch - Street vendor (alternatives here and here)
Ankle boots - Public Desire (old; similar here and here)

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!