Reader Request: College Homecoming - Part I

Greetings Fashion Lovers,

I am hunkered down, prepping for the impending impact of Hurricane Irma here in Florida. I have wanted to blog but was too busy getting my house and order and ensuring that my family will be safe. I really wanted to leave, however, my job just wouldn't let me be great! In other words, they didn't have a plan in place until the last minute *le sigh*. But alas, I have some quick outfits that I've put together for my friend and Fashion Pad reader. She's headed to her college homecoming and wanted some outfit inspiration. This will be a 2 part post as I realized the number of outfits I put together were numerous.

See below for the inspo :-)

Bar Hopping vs. Sightseeing

Stay Chic!

Classy Diva

Girl's Nite Out

It's A Date

Is That Velvet???

All That Glitters