Outfit: Light Blue Skater Dress and Platforms

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

So what do you all do when you see a piece that you really want but you promised yourself that you would not shop so you can focus on other things (i.e. business start-up, house renovation, etc.)? I know this question seems selfish to some but you die hard fashion feens know my little conundrum very well! So far, I've held out from making any random purchases but I'm getting weak, lol.

I've been working out and it's finally starting to show. I'm really far from where I want to be but at least I see a little definition. Whew!
I love this dress and I think I dropped a few tears when I couldn't fit in it a few months ago. I paired it with neutral, statement accessories.

Love these platforms. I wanted to get the Gucci pair but they were sold out everywhere! But I found these bad boys and I love them!
Please ignore my tan lines. They'll disappear as soon as I get another tan in a few months, lol.

It's so hot these days that I'm wearing the bare minimal. Yet another reason I need to increase my 'get fit' timeline.
Dress - Asos (old; similar here and here)
Bracelet - vintage (I like this one here)
Clutch - vintage (try this one here)
Heels - Random boutique (alternative here)