Outfit: Grace Lace Maxi and Faux Leather Jacket

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

The other day I pulled out a maxi dress that I never had a chance to wear. Well, technically I had plenty of chances, I just forgot about it. SMH. Anyways, as I put the dress on I swiftly realized that it was super long. I was so disappointed and briefly looked for something else but I really had my mind focused on wearing this dress. The way it's constructed, I couldn't knot it at the hem or it would look ridiculous. So what do I do instead? Glad you asked. I wore that sucker as is. In other words....no alterations whatsoever!!! This actually worked out well, lol. It was a bit more Goth than I'm used to but I'm just proud of the fact that I didn't trip on the hem, LOL!

As you can see, I had a small train going on. And yet, I completely fell in love with this overall look. What's even more crazy is that I wore flat sandals. I only chose flats because I was worried about a heel getting caught in the hem, especially with this lace material. I'm super clumsy so this scenario had about a 90% chance of occurring, lol.

Loved this casually glam Goth outfit. I received compliments on the dress too :-)

Jacket - Forever 21 (old; try these here and here)
Necklace - c/o Mirina Collections (similar look here)
Dress - Lulus.com (old; alternatives here and here)
Clutch - Forever 21 (old; I like this one here)



Beauty said…
I first saw this outfit on your Instagram post and I really liked it. Beautiful styling.