Outfit: Denim Top and Bright Yellow Bottoms

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Now that NY Fashion Week is over I can pack up the green envy vibes and enjoy the fab spring fashions that saturated the runways. I love spring and summer seasons. The bright colors, light and airy fabrics, and figure bearing pieces are just a few of the reasons why I adore it. With that being said, please don't talk about me wearing bright colors for the next few months, LOL!

I revamped this lovely dress as a skirt. I then paired it with one of my favorite denim tops. I love this color combo so much! The days are getting a little shorter so I know the fall/winter season is creeping up on me. However, I'm lucky in that I live in good old sunny Florida so my summers last 3/4 the year, LOL.

These heels are so absolutely stunning and classically sexy. However, they are just entirely too painful to wear for more than an hour at a time. Isn't that sad??? I guess other divas are able to wear them out to the club or galas but I need a little bit more comfort from my heels. I like to dance and move around. Maybe if my foot was slimmer I could wear them out more often but alas...that's not the case so these babies get a brief peek at the outside world then they go right back in the box, lmbo!

Earrings - Street vendor
Denim Top - Forever 21 (old; try this one here)
Dress - Boohoo.com (cute midi here)
Clutch - Zara (old; alternative here)



Chic Therapy said…
Denim and yellow is always so pretty together. Love this lool