Outfit: Pink Tuxedo Dress and Metallic Heels

Greetings Fashion Friends,

I'm finally back from vacation (throws black confetti). I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. It was about 40 of us that made our annual family vacation trip this year and it was the best one yet!!! I try not to take too many "staged" photos for social media so there are only about 3 I posted on my Instagram account. Every other photo is going into a digital album for my people to enjoy. And now that I'm back to reality, I just have to say that I really need to find a way to vacation as much as possible. It's so addictive, lol.

So this might be the last time I wear this little mini without something underneath. I could not bend over too far at the waist, lololol!!! I love the bold pink hue of this dress so I chose to pair this classic style with my metallic heels for an eye-catching look.

I had this golden "tattoo" on vacation and I can not get it off!!! You can still see it on my left arm, lol. So if you see it again in the next few posts, please don't judge me, I scrubbed off several skin layers trying to remove this tattoo. SMH
I just adore these heels. They're so super cute and, although they appear to have a moderate heel, I felt like I was walking on stilts!

Earrings - Forever 21 (old)
Tuxedo dress - Missguidedus.com (old, try here or here)
Belt - Random boutique
Cosmetics bag/Clutch - H&M (old, try this one here)
Heels - Asos.com (a few sizes left, but try these here)



Simply Tasheena said…
Love this color combo!