Outfit: Floral Kimono and Wide Leg Pants

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

It's been a trying week for me. I was really sick last week (missed a few days of work) and I've been mentally exhausted by all the events that have occurred across this nation involving excessive police force against people of color. Regardless of your stance on the black lives matter movement, this is my platform so I will express my opinion. Being an African-American in this country can be downright scary. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE who I am and honestly wouldn't trade it for any other race. However, it is stressful as hell having to know the "codes" to make it in this country so those who fear us, envy us, or hate us because of the color of our skin will not try to end our lives. And even when we follow the "codes"......there's still a real chance that the outcome will be detrimental to me and/or my family!!! If I can encourage just one person to make a peaceful stance, to fight with love, not violence, and to take action by utilizing your congress men and women, I will be satisfied. We ALL deserve to be treated fairly and unfortunately the statistics do not reflect this, which is downright sad in this day in age. Sending love, understanding, and peace to you all.

I wore the look above to dinner with my bffs. It was hot as Hades but I committed so there was no going back. LOL!

I really like the long pants but I ended up having to cut them :-( After I tripped twice (even in my 6 inch heels) I realized they either had to be cut, or I would risk falling down on my face. I kinda like my face so 4 inches disappeared real quick!

Between me and you.......this kimono is going to be in frequent rotation! I just love it!!! It can be challenging to layer in the summer months but I believe a lightweight kimono or vest are tolerable and chic!

Earrings - Forever 21 (old)
Kimono - Amazon.com (check it out here, and I also love this one here)
Top - Boohoo.com (old, try this here, or this one here)
Clutch - Barneys (old, check this out here)
Pants - Rebdolls.com (old; try this pair here or here)



Chic Therapy said…
Hope you feel better soon. And yes, it's really been rough with all the killings.

I love this look.
mayitapink said…
Beautiful! =)