Outfit: Summer Materials

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I've imposed a temporary shopping hiatus upon myself. I know, I know.....AGAIN??? Yes, I have been burning up my "swiper" mileage in stores and have lost my mind online. I have to focus on home improvement projects and saving up for my bff's bridal shower, bachelorette weekend next month, and my family vacation. Whoo! Just typing that has put all my shopaholic purchases in perspective. Material things will not be my kryptonite! I value waaaayyy more than red soles, skater dresses, and handbags. You guys have to be patient with me....and encouraging. I swear fellow fashion fans are enablers, LOL.

This summer is going to be an absolute BEAST!!! It's stifling every time I exit a building. This is exactly why I'm joining team 'expose at least part of your body' this summer, lol. In addition, summer friendly materials such as silk, chiffon, and cotton are going to be in heavy rotation.

I was about to just wear my bra as a top but my bf was like "no ma'am". LMBO!!! So I opted for this simple crop top, super cool duster and airy trousers. I felt good while out and about town.

Duster - Boohoo.com (old)
Crop - Random boutique
Clutch/Pants - Asos.com (old)
Heels - GoJane.com (old)


Chic Therapy said…
I love the pants! And your bf is funny.