Outfit: Denim Love and Clear Boots

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

If you can imagine, I'm sitting here at my computer struggling to type this post because I can barely see. I just got home not too long ago from getting my eye exam and that pupil dilation was a beast this time around! LOL! I was going to run a few errands afterwards but quickly changed my mind and headed straight home. I have the lights off and shades on to block my sensitive eyes from the brightness of my computer screen. Hot mess right? Well it's that kind of stubborn determination that has allowed me to achieve many things.......and get into trouble as well, lol. Just know, if a the structure of a sentence is a little off, or word placement/choice is a little questionable, charge it to my temporarily debilitated eye sight!

After church this past Sunday, the bf and I got good usage of our time off together. We had brunch, ran errands, and went to dinner at this new Mexican restaurant and it was amazeballs!!!! I'm super proud of myself as I stuck to my "meal prep" formula when selecting my meal. I'm sure it was still a lot richer in calories but hey, it could have been worse *shoulder shrug*

So, my suggestion for anyone interested in purchasing these trendy perspex heels......do it! They fit well and are comfy. However, where them during the coolest hours during the summer or your heels are going to look 'foggy', lol.

Top - Forever 21 (old)
Belt - Old Navy (old)
Shorts - Macy's (on sale....couldn't find link on their site)
Perspex Heels - Public Desire


Chic Therapy said…
Loving the denim on denim look, and those boots are er...interesting.