Outfit: Bell-Sleeved Top and Culottes

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Friday!!! I just knew that the work week would be hectic due to the holiday on Monday. All my patients that were moved from Monday had to be seen on the following 4 days. So basically, we crammed a 5-day work week into 4 days. Sweet! At least all hands were on deck to handle the load. Now I'm about to get crazy with my family tomorrow as my niece graduates from high school!!! I'm thinking about wearing a sombrero and carrying a banner. If that doesn't embarrass her I guess I will have to make animal noises when they call her name *tee hee hee*. Should be an epic gathering, lol.

I went out to dinner with friends in this look. My bf said I had better wear these culottes only when he's not around, LMBO!!! They are pretty good at hiding my shape, but they still look feminine to me! ;-)

I just LOVE the bell sleeves on this top. They're so retro! But let me tell you ladies.....I fought like a boxer trying to get out of this top. Man I thought it had won several times but after I took a couple of deep breaths, reached deep into my energy reserve, and finally got that sucker of me! #Winning

Hmmm.....in this shot, my pants do resemble fancy basketball shorts, lol. But it could be my awkward pose!

Necklace - c/o Mirina Collections
Top - Forever 21 (avoid at all costs, lol)
Clutch - Charlotte Russe (old)
Heels - ShoeDazzle.com (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!