Outfit: Tuxedo Dress - Navy and Black

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm getting ready to head out of town with the bf. I have no idea where he's taking me and that young man will not tell me, lol. At least he was kind enough to tell me what kind of clothes to bring. He knows me so well!

Now let's get to this port because I have to get on out of here :-)

So I bet you're wondering "Where are her bottoms?". Well, this jacket did not complement any of the garments I paired it with. My shorts disappeared when I had them on, skirts looked super awkward, and although my skinny jeans were about the best fit, they have been unforgiving to my thighs....or vice versa, the lines are blurred these days......anyways, the length of the jacket allowed me to safely wear it out by itself without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

This bag can carry twin babies. It is sooo huge! LOL!
Trying out this matte black lipstick....feeling real Goth, lol.

Tuxedo Dress/Jacket - Thrifted
Handbag - Zara (sold out)
Heels - Zara (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!!



Unknown said…
Happy Birthday my long time blogger fabulous friend. May God continue to bless you today and always. Now can we talk about this look please! Amazing!

Berty Morales
Mad For Fashion For Less!
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