Outfit: Net and Fringe

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

This weekend I took my first aerial yoga class. I initially signed up to support one of my fellow gym instructors as this was her final live class for her aerial yoga certification. However, as the day drew near, I became super excited. Well, the class started off good....but then those long behind yoga poses just threw me off. I think I have exercise ADD. I just could not relax!!! I kept looking up to see if it was time to move on and when I wasn't doing that, I was anxiously anticipating my friend's voice saying "now come out of the pose by.....". LOL! I definitely got a good workout....but my nerves were shot, smh.

My new Tupac tank came in and, unlike the majority of my new closet additions, I immediately wore this garment (same night).

Tupac is one of my absolute fav top 5 artists. Taking a page from his rebellious nature, I decided to complement my tank with a 'badass' rocker chic ensemble.

These boots are ah-mazing!!! They fit well and are so haute!!! The height of these boots combined with the length of my skirt really cut off the overall length of my legs. Oh well. Love them anyways!!!

Earrings - Street vendor
Jacket - Boohoo.com (old)
Tank/Skirt - Forever 21 (sold out)
Boots - Public Desire (sold out)



That jacket is too cute! I need to find me a cute fringe item! Love the 2pac tee as well!
Unknown said…
Thay is a great jacket and love the tee. You look fabulous as usual my friend.xo

Berty Morales
Mad For Fashion For Less!