Outfit: STRIPES!!!

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm back with a sporadic post for you good people. I finally found my Adidas 'Superstar' sneakers and I couldn't wait to take them out for a spin. I have had the worst luck in my quest to acquire these classic gems. They were either entirely too expensive (some sites were listing them for $200 bucks) or they no longer had my size. I finally located them and I quickly scooped them up, lol. Of course I had to style these babies in the only way that fits my persona.....tomboy chic!

"Superstar"!!!!!!!! Had to keep it feminine with this bodycon skirt but the rest was all about my tomboy style!

White as snow......love the fit and comfortable style. New favs!!!!

.....I was waiting on these at the door!!!! LOL!

Glasses - Amazon.com
Sweatshirt - Adidas shop (NBA All Star Orlando)
Skirt - Forever21.com
Shoes - Adidas 'Superstar' (ShopAkira.com)



I love the stripes and Adidas! Super comfy look!
Unknown said…
This is so my kind of casual outfit, super cute and easy!!

I know I'm late but I am really liking the new blog!!!

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