Outfit: Blazer, Tailored Top, and Culottes

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I have sorely missed blogging these past few weeks. I was having bit of a challenge trying to get my domain parked and my blog to be redirected to the custom website. Le sigh!!!! Please bare with me as I continue to update, tweak, and convert this platform to something special ;-)

In between this struggle, I have been working out every morning and night sometimes at night :-) I did not like what the scale said I weighed and normally, I just ignore that evil, inanimate object but the super snug fit of my clothes was the true indicator *insert teary eyes and look of disgust here*. Nothing motivates me like the cessation of my blood flow as the zipper disappointingly falls short of a successful closure. But I digress......for a bit. Let me share a look that did not make me immediately burst out in sobs.

Haaa! I finally was able to proudly get a photo that did not "appear" to make me look ginormous, lol. But for real, I need to work on my angles. I wore this combo to church with my family a few Sundays ago.

I love these pants! They are soooo comfortable and very chic! My youngest nephew grudgingly took these photos with my cell. I forgot to bring my DSLR but he celebrated a little too early because I whipped out my handy droid with the quickness.........poor kid, lol.

Blazer - Thrifted
Necklace - Gifted
Tank/Handbag - Nordstrom Rack
Pants - Boohoo.com (old)
Heels - Heels.com (sold out)



Beauty said…
Lovely Outfit; I really like those culottes.
Happy new year.