Outfit: Printed Duster, Knit Dress, and Yellow Bag

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

As the holiday season approaches I find myself getting more and more stingy with my spending. What is that about??? I should be blazing through these sales and prepping my shopping lists but I am not focused on that this year. Could it be.....am I finally growing up??? No seriously, I'm actually investing and getting ready to do a mini makeover with my house. After these projects, I'm going to take a minute and see if 'adulthood' finally takes control of me, lol.

Soooo......this is what I wore to go pick out kitchen countertops, lol.

This dress is super stiff.....it was not what I envisioned at all! But I do love my little heels!

This neon yellow bag is just what the doctor ordered to set this look off! This leaf stuck to my heel went unnoticed until now......

Duster - Boohoo.com (sold out)
Necklace/handbag - Forever 21 (old)
Dress - Makemechic.com (sold out)
Heels - JustFab.com


Beauty said…
It's definitely a lovely outfit for shopping and running errands; the bold color yellow bag and those beautiful heels are so chic.
Cheriz Angel said…
My favorite is definitely the snake print duster. It's seriously amazing!