Outfit: Black and White

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm in this period where I have absolutely NO motivation to overdress. The reason....*drum roll please*.....weight gain!!! I have 4 weeks to get it together before a scholarship gala that I'm presenting at. Am I concerned with what others think about me.......nope. I'm concerned with what I'm going to wear!!! I would prefer to choose what I want and not what's only available in a certain size. It's not vanity.....I love clothes and I don't want any limitations that I can avoid. Sue me!

Temperatures were a little 'cool' in my area. It was tolerable but I get chilly easily so I decided to wear a faux leather look and I added a a button down underneath.

Resting bitch face!!!!!

Faux Leather Top - Missguidedus.com (old)
Button-Down Top - Banana Republic
Shorts - Zara (old)
Clutch - H&M (old)
Heels - Reed Krakoff (sold out)


LoveT. said…
You look fantastic! i am in love with the amazing Heels :)

lovely Greets
Yass legs!!!! Love this look and those heels!
Unknown said…
Honey you and your shoes, just when I think you can't top your last pair you pull out another fabulous pair!!!!!

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