Outfit: Mauve Skater Dress and Cage Sandals

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

I am still on vacation having an absolutely wonderful time but I missed you guys and I had to snap a few quick picks and post for my fashion loves!!! I have been slaying on my vacation, lol. It's something about going away that makes me want to dress to kill. #truestory I've been focusing on relaxation, adventure, and my family so that pics and uploads to my social media sites have been minimal but I prefer it that way. I think we go overboard sometimes by posting multiple pics during our special events and while vacationing. I mean.....when are you really enjoying yourself if you're constantly updating??? Well, this is clearly my opinion so if yours is different, please don't be offended. I may voice my discord at times, but I'm still a lover of free will :-)

I wore a dress that really made me reconsider my love affair with carbs, red meat, and generally any food that isn't grown naturally. Lawd have mercy on this excess weight. I cannot wait to get back to teaching my hip hop and dance classes again. Next week it is on and popping.....literally!!!

Yea, so as I was saying......the vegetarian life is looking more and more appealing right now. #FACTS

This minimalist look was a must because it was super hot this entire week. I wore barely there heels and short everything (i.e. skirts, shorts, tops). I was determined to prevent any obstruction of airflow, LOL.


I'm in love with my new heels. They are so sexy and they go well with everything!!!! I love when that happens!

Glasses - Forever 21 (old)
Dress - Boohoo.com (old)
Clutch - H&M (old)
Heels - Dannijo via Saks Fifth Avenue (sold out)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Blogoratti said…
What a nice look. Greetings!
Unknown said…
Really cute dress and shoes!!

I could never be a vegetarian I love chicken and seafood, but I rarely ever eat red meat or pork if at all. I try to eat more clean meals, don't do fried foods often anymore, so I think I do really good without having to go straight vegetarian!! I have however incorporated some vegetarian meals into my eating and they are really good, but yeah I couldn't go completely vegetarian, lol!!!!


Farrah said…
You look gorgeous hon!!
YoyosFashions said…
Chile you fine as wine!! This look is everything!!
Cheriz Angel said…
Looking gorgeous. And I'm loving the color of the dress!