Outfit: African Inspiration

Greetings Fashion Friends,

It has been raining several times a day so my photo ops have been completely non-existent. However, I decided to share some pics I took a few weeks back. I didn't like my hair nor my outfit (when I went out I actually changed it), hence my delay in posting here on the blog. But hey, maybe one of my loyal readers will be inspired :-)

So my afro would NOT cooperate!!! I really do love natural hair but MY natural hair and I are constantly fighting so I'm mostly not a fan.
On another note, this "dress" was actually listed on the site as a top. Really? I know I'm pretty short but good grief! Anyhew, this necklace is like my favorite right now!!!

Love a garment with a little back action.....it's the only thing that saved it for me. Otherwise I would have donated it already.

I probably would have been okay with the dress if I would have at least ironed it. On second thought, I doubt it. It's too shapeless and my curves only add bulk. Not flattering at all!!!

Necklace - Nairobi, Kenya
Dress/Top - Asos (sold out)
Bracelets - gifted
Clutch - Forever 21 (old)
Heels - GoJane.com (old)



YoyosFashions said…
You look gorgeous!!! I love everything about this look!
Thick Chick said…
I love!! You look pretty!
Love the dress and necklace! So pretty!

Unknown said…
Cute dress and I love those shoes!! You are rocking that afro and it looks really cute!!!