Outfit: Gladiator Craze

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I am sharing a simple, casual look I wore to my family's Memorial Day cookout. Not sure why I decided to make the gladiator age my theme (unconsciously I may add) because my family murdered me with jokes, lol. First it was my bondage inspired necklace. My cousin went so far as to ask me if I wanted to talk about my 'kinky' side. SMH. My brother insisted my shorts were tropical gladiator pants. My aunt was the only opposition.....she said my shorts reminded her of her trip to Cancun due to the puff balls that line the hem. Good lawd my people provide a free comedy show every time I visit. At least their jibes allowed me to develop a think skin and high self-esteem early in life, LOL!

Disclaimer: Photos are taken with the camera on my phone.....I truly thank you all for supporting me and my foolishness!

So here is my 'tropical gladiator' ensemble. It really wasn't that bad.....but I let them have their fun anyways.
Sidebar: Most of the brown sandals I own are perfect nudes.......love it and hate it!

The jokes started anew as soon as I got my niece to take my pics.....Anyways, I LOVE these shorts!!! They are the perfect style for my 'generous' thighs. And they don't ride up my crotch! Definitely ordering more when I find similar styles!


Sunglasses - Boutique in Negril Jamaica
Necklace - Burlington
T-shirt - Forever 21
Bracelets - Nordstrom Rack
Shorts - FashionNova.com (sold out)
Handbag - Vintage
Sandals - JustFab.com (sold out)



xoxo Kellz* said…
u look pretty babe!
Unknown said…
Really cute outfit!!!

YoyosFashions said…
Super cute look!! Love those shorts!!