Outfit: Stripes and Fur

Greetings Fashionistas,

Welcome to the weekend!!! I have to be short and sweet today so let's get right into the post :-)

Yes....I know....I'm wrinkled as HECK!!! My sister told me that 'the wrinkles will fall out' cannot be my default excuse from ironing, LMBO!

This necklace is EVERYTHING!!! I'm so mad I wore these earrings....I stud pair would have better complemented my necklace.

This pink purse is a fabulous eye-catching shade! Not to mention I just love carrying it because it's so soft, LOL.

Earrings - Boutique in Puerto Rico
Necklace - Craft market in Nairobi, Kenya
Tank - Target
Pants - Forever 21
Bracelet - Hot Topic
Clutch - Asos.com (sold out)
Heels (sneak peek) - GoJane.com
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



YoyosFashions said…
Lovely boo!! Love those pants!!
Beauty said…
Very lovely outfit; I like the purse; such a great pop of color.
Princie said…
I'm a big fan of wide pants; of course, I just love yours. And this necklace is so wow.