Outfit: Jeweled Jumpsuit and Gold-heeled Sandals

Greetings Fashionistas,

Oh hey Friday, I finally found you with your elusive self!!! And wow....it's May already! My goal deadlines are approaching too swiftly, nooooo!!! I gotta turn up the grind....geesh!

Although I'm perpetually behind with my work, I gotta keep the party going! It's a lot going on this weekend. I will have my face in the place tonight to view the Avengers movie. Tomorrow, me and the bf will find ourselves at someone's fight party (Mayweather vs. Pacquiao), and Sunday will be a day of praise, house cleaning, and last minute prepping for my trip. Thank you Lord for your many blessings. A-men!

This jumpsuit is like.....amazeballs! It is soooo comfortable. And people really thought I put together separate garments...ummm no, I'm pretty lazy these days my life is too hectic for personal style creativity. Bummer....but I'm improvising stylishly, lol.

Yea so I'm back with big hair again. And let me tell you, I'm falling in love with this look. I'm already obsessed with crochet braiding....thank goodness my mom knows how to do them so well because I swear I have two left hands when it comes to doing anything with my hair, LOL.

Simple, quick, and chic. I have to go get me some more jumpsuits. It's that bad? Please don't say that makes me a horrible fashion blogger! But seriously, it's just until my schedule calms down ;-)

Ummm.....yea, realized the picture comes in waaayyy sharper if I face the sun *le sigh*. I'm clearly an amateur folks.
Sunglasses - GoJane.com
Jumpsuit - Macy's
Bracelets - Nordstrom
Clutch - H&M
Heels - Zara (old)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
YESSS!!! Love this look! Enjoy the movie!
Beauty said…
I thought this was a two piece outfit too; very lovely jumpsuit. I like the prints a lot.
Have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
Very cute! I love your hair hun.
Oh wow, I actually thought it was trousers and a top for a minute. kool Jumpsuit indeed

Princie said…
I also thought it was separate garments. Love your perfect jumpsuit!
Cheriz Angel said…
Jumpsuit...what? lol initial reaction, but that is one badass jumpsuit!
Unknown said…
you look stunning !! love the outfit!!
Don't worry! I love jumpsuits! They are comfy, easy and carefree and that is what's needed for the hot months. This one is so cute! I love the print. Definitely digging the hair.