Outfit: Making a statement.....on a budget

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

A few weeks back, I reluctantly stopped in Walmart for a few essentials (I'm a Target girl) and I fell for their price trap, LOL. I kept picking up items that were not on my list just because the price was right. SMH. One of the items I scooped up was the lovely statement necklace I'm wearing below.

Is this necklace not the most fabulous piece you've ever seen??? Ok, probably not the most fabulous.....but definitely a great focal piece :-)

I promise this dress was ironed prior to church. Which is not the norm for me, lol. I love this dress....best $20 purchase ever!!! I've literally had it for years and it's so super versatile.

These pumps tho........

Necklace - Walmart
Shirt - Banana Republic
Dress/Pumps - Forever 21 (old)
Rings - Street vendor
Clutch - H&M (old)



LA Lynn's said…
Gurrrrl, Wally World will get you errrrtime! I'm too a Target girl! Loving the clutch and those shoessss!!!!

oomph. said…
i love target, but walmart is closer to me all around - closer to home, closer to my office! great shoes~
Unknown said…
You know why I hate the Walmarts in my city- the lines! They are ridiculous!

This was a fabulous look for church. I love that dress!
Cheriz Angel said…
Love this outfit. I'm always doing that shit at Walmart. And those $10 statement necklaces, I'm not even gonna say I not guilty of getting suckered into buying those.
Unknown said…
Wait did you just say that necklace came from Wally-World? Oh my I need to make a stop there more often. I am a Target girl but it is worth to look now LOL. Adoring this look and you look amazing as usual. Have you lost weight? You have always look on point but lately you have been looking more yummy mama LOL.

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