Outfit: Cape or Blanket???

Greetings Fashionistas,

I have blogging now for about 6 years........wowsers!!! My how time flies! I started my blog as a way to curb my shopping habits. It worked brilliantly for a brief period, then my inner fashionista broke out of her self contained prison, lol. Although my content presentation has changed dramatically from when I first started out blogging, the focus remains the same.....all about fashion!

My foray into the blogosphere consisted of me diligently posting daily, Monday thru Saturday, about all things fashion. Then life happened and now I'm down to two posts a week. SMH. But I still love it. I have a bit of ADD (self diagnosed of course) and I really thought I was only going to last maybe 3 years max!!! I'm happy to say I'm still here....even though the blogosphere is completely saturated (which is not a bad thing as some may believe), I still have fellow fashion followers coming through to see what's new in my fashion pad. I thank you all so kindly for your support over the years. You guys seriously ROCK!

On the site where I purchased this lovely outerwear, it was described as a cape. However, once I received it I thought it appeared more like a short blanket. Then, I wore it on Valentine's Day and I promised you I felt like I had a blanket wrapped around my shoulders. It kept sliding down....one of my pet peeves....and it was way more bulkier than I expected.
Don't get it twisted, I'm still going to wear it, lol. I just thought I would offer my honest opinion :-)

My bf said...and I quote...."If you're going to wear that tribal blanket, could you please put on something short and tight as well for me?", LMBO! He was kidding, but I still decided to bring out my SATs (Short and Tight), lol.

I had to add the fedora at the last minute because my hair twists were still damp. And for my fellow natural hair sistas, you know that would have been a complete tragedy! Basically my whole night would have been ruined!!! (supreme drama queen).

Fedora - Vintage
Earrings - Street vendor
Cape - Boohoo.com (sold out)
Faux Leather Top - Missguidedus.com (sold out)
Necklace - Forever 21 (old)
Clutch - Street vendor
Shorts - Macy's (old)
Boots - ShoeDazzle.com (sold out)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
Shanequa I am still here, and I am not going anywhere. Have been a huge fan of your blog and style for a long time now. Also you held my hand as well when I started as a blogger, so thank you doll.

Ok Ma, whatever this is, a scarf or a blanket, it looks amazing on you and I am adoring this entire look.

Berty Morales
Mad For Fashion For Less
To read more about this Latina fashion diary visit www.facebook.com/MadForFashionForLess
Lynn said…
LMBOOOOO at short blanket!!!! I absolutely LOVEEEE it!

Also, I completely agree with you about blogging and Instagram has made it harder for the blogosphere as well. Because all the OOTD are being posted over there and are there any geniune readers out there anymore. Bless your heart for being in the game for 6yrs - I took almost a year off and come back and it's completely changed. I want to get back to the basis and hope the LOVE of real supporters are not gone forever!

YoyosFashions said…
Fabulous!! You are a rock star!!
Beauty said…
Congratulations on six years of blogging. It's a great accomplishment because it is not easy to be commuted that long to a hobby. You look great.