Outfit: Blazer, Leather Shorts, and Sky High Heels

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Below I have a simple look that I threw together Sunday evening because the bf forget he told his pals that we would meet them for dinner.....what??? He had better be glad I didn't have any plans or that buster would have been flying solo! LOL

And because I'm a butthole sometimes, I put on my favorite shorts that my bf absolutely despises *tee hee hee*. I think it's because they bunch up in the front but I don't mind ;-)

Wait.....I wasn't ready! Still love this pic anyways!

Had to bring out these sky heel monsters! They are a beast to walk in but I rise to any heel height challenge like a pro!!!!

Earrings/Necklace - Burlington
Blazer - Gifted by mom
Tank - Target
Bangles - Forever 21 (old)
Clutch - Furla (old)
Heels - Heels.com (sold out)


Unknown said…
Fabulous look doll! I hate when my shorts bunch up. I can't figure out why they do that.
Unknown said…
Really cute outfit, I am not going to say anything about another fab pair of shoes or how it is Jan. and ya'll can still rock shorts and sandals, LOLOL!!

Carsedra McKoy: