Outfit: I Like My Heels Spiked

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

This week is off to a beautiful start and I can't help but attribute it to my new mindset for 2015 and beyond......do not let the enemy (that includes me at times) steal your joy! It's such an awesome disposition to embrace. Please pray with me as I strike diligently and consistently to exhibit this fab attitude :-)

New Year's Eve is my sister's birthday so the fam and I traveled to celebrate with her and spend some quality time together. I of course overdressed every single day and my sis was kind enough to take photos on her bday, lol.

It came to my attention that I had not graced the streets with these lovely specimens. What was I thinking neglecting these beauties??? I'm one of the worst so called 'fashionistas' on earth, lol.

I let the pumps be the star of this outfit and paired them with a simple pullover sweater and skinnies.
Sidenote: White is soooo unforgiving!!!!

If someone would have said 2 years ago that I would be rocking lipstick, I would have laughed in their face (politely). I continue to amaze myself as I step outside of my self-imposed lazy box ;-)

Necklace - Burlington (old)
Sweater - Forever 21 (old)
Cuff - Vintage
Rings - Street vendor
Clutch - Saks Fifth Avenue (old)
Jeans - Random boutique in NYC
Heels - UrbanOg.com (old)



YoyosFashions said…
You look awesome boo!! From head to toe!!
OMG, you have the best shoes ever!! seriously, I need your shoe collection.
Happy new year!

Unknown said…
You look divine, girl!!! Those shoes are gorgeous.
Sincerely Coco said…
yaas for the lips and shoes