Outfit: Tank, Crossbody, Lace Skater Skirt

Greeting Fashion Mavens,

I am not going to be posting as consistently as I would like.........simply because it's so darn HOT!!!!! Before I ran my Saturday errands, I thought, let me get my blog photos out the way. However, the stifling heat had me running back inside to change and well, this is all I could muster below!

I reached for simple silhouettes in light colors because I didn't want to wear anything that would absorb sunrays, lol. The above look is pretty simple, but choosing modern elements on classic shapes, such as the lace skater skirt above, still adds interest.

.....the less clothes, the better. It's sooo hot and humid!
Also, if I haven't stressed it enough.....accessories are where we really express our individual style and make a serious impact.

Earrings - Gifted
Tank Top - Target
Bracelets/Bag - Nordstrom (old)
Ring - Forever 21
Skirt - Boohoo.com (sold out)
Sandals - Zara (old)


Unknown said…
Fabulous! This is something I will wear this season here in TX. Thanks for the inspiration.
Sometimes it is just too hot to get dress. Simple is the best way to go and you still look great.
BeautyDrugs said…
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Unknown said…
Running errands in heels though???? Yazz honey, you are werking. I LOVE that skirt.
Unknown said…
Really cute and simple!!

Carsedra McKoy:
xoxo Kellz* said…
Love these colors so much!
Phillygirl said…
I totally agree that accessories make the outfit. Love this silhouette. :)
Sweenee Style said…
Everytime I see these sandals, I hate that I didn't get them! Very Cute Look!
Unknown said…
Casual yet so chic! Love the color of the skirt!

xo, Kenya
Tanya said…
i like the outfit girl, nice dress.