Outfit: Strapless Mini, Oversized Clutch, and Red Bottoms

Greetings Fashionistas,

It's Friiiidaaaayyyyy!!!! Oh wait, I'm on call this weekend at the hospital, but whatever I'm still going to 'slightly turn up', LOL. But first, let me share this #teamoverdressed look I wore on the 4th of July.

Blue is my favorite color  and this shade above is my preference. I snagged up this little dress for only $12 bucks!!! It has subtle cutouts on the side and I needed that extra air vent because it was soooooo hot!!!


I'm about ready to toss my camera out the door! I need to upgrade ASAP because I'm struggling hard to correct the pixelated look. And clearly my Photoshop skills are horrid. But let me point out how freakin awesome these heels are. The classic style will serve me well for years. Love my nude heels!!!

I look like I'm about to tilt over in the above pic, lol. Anyhoo, when I got to my family's party, I switched to thong sandals, added a boat hat and nerd glasses, and removed the necklace. Should of took some pics of the dressed down look but I honestly wasn't thinking....

Necklace - Vintage
Dress/Bangles - Nordstrom (old)
Clutch - Asos.com (old)
Heel - Christian Louboutin
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Unknown said…
Shanequa, you look stunning honey. Love the dress, it looks gorgeous on you. Those shoes, and clutch, just perfect!
Unknown said…
Overdressed? Who cares, you look fab!
Unknown said…
Nothing at all wrong with being #teamoverdressed! You look fab!

xo, Kenya
oomph. said…
those are great nude heels. they are the perfect shade for you. now that summer's here and i'm a few shades darker, my nude heels are too light, lol!

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I would have loved to see you dressed this down.
Unknown said…
Really pretty dress!!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Unknown said…
Fab fab fabulous, you look so fabulous! The dress fits perfectly and that color on you - love!

Tanya said…
Beautiful summer girl. You look good. I also like how you styled the braids too.

YoyosFashions said…
Lovely dress!! You look fab as always!!