Outfit: Graphic Print Jumpsuit

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday!!! I'm off for the next 10 days and I'm sooooooo excited! Vacation time....whoop, whoop! But first, we are celebrating my niece's sweet 16 tomorrow and I'm headed home to help with the final planning and be available for set up.  I cannot wait! This youngster is so hilarious and I thank God we can celebrate this teenage milestone!

Soooo.......last weekend I went to meet with family regarding our vacation next week and this is what I wore, LOL. Hey, don't judge me! I have to get in my clothes whenever the opportunity arises. If not, what's the point of me shopping so darn much????

I like the wide-legged look. A touch of red was added via my heels....although they're pretty much hidden. The jumpsuit is a little clingy so I felt self-conscience in my tummy area but oh well....these photos don't really reflect my fears so I guess it's okay.

Earrings/Necklace - Forever 21
Jumpsuit  - GoJane.com
Rings - Various street vendors
Clutch - Off Sak's Fifth Avenue
Heels - Steve Madden
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!



Style4Curves said…
That jumpsuit is EVERYTHING!
oomph. said…
cute!!! no judgement here...when i was (going stir crazy) on maternity leave, i'd dress up just to go to walmart, haha!

have a great vacation!!

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simplychic said…
fabulous honey!!!
Cheriz Angel said…
You look fantastic in that jumpsuit.
Vhutali said…
love the jumpsuit. not showing anything funny.hhahahaha!
enjoy your vacation
Unknown said…
LOVE the jumpsuit girl! I am yet to find one that I love like that! You look great! That print is everything!! Have fun on your vacay!!

xo, Kenya
YoyosFashions said…
You look Gorgeous Hun!! I been loving jumpers lately!! That jumper is everything!!
Mrs. Pancakes said…
i need one of these jumpsuits...so super chic...hope your vacay was awesome.
Unknown said…
Oh mama, I am adoring this suit. Love the print, and it looks gorgeous on you! Happy Vacation!! I just got back from mine :( hahah, and can't wait to see the photos of the party. Now Shanequa, remember we want to see what your niece is wearing too ;) hahahahahaha. Smooches from Dallas always love xoxox
"Oh my goodness.... Oh my goodness" is all I could say as I type gojane.com in my search bar. WERK!
I would love to see your closet. Do you ever give things away or are you a hoarder. I just gave away a lot of clothes and just defined my style. If I got in your closet you wouldn't be able to keep me out.