Outfit: Faux Denim and Pleats

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I had a fabulous 4th of July weekend and I'm now back to work. I actually didn't have one piece of barbeque the entire weekend.....blasphemy! However, I did eat good, lol. This week is what I have affectionately titled "Diet Recovery Week".....real subtle right? I will be on vacation in less than 2 weeks and I while I know I won't lose the 10 lbs I've been hoping to shed......I do intend to be way less jiggly for sure ;-) #TeamTightenUp

 I ran errands briefly Saturday morning so I could properly spoil my little cousin on her birthday. I chose a simple, girly look.....pleats, dainty heels, and all!

I thought this top was denim but it's actually silk with a 'denim-inspired' color.....still love it!

Another comfy find.......these heels have a little platform which undoubtedly contributes to the extended 'wearability'.

Earrings - Street vendor
Top - Burlington Coat Factory
Skirt - Asos.com (old)
Bangles - Nordstrom (old)
Cigar box as clutch - Vintage
Heels - Emporio Armani (on sale)



Unknown said…
Shanequa, you are looking more and more fabulous everyday, doll keep up the good work. That way you can keep motivating me. Love this look, specially that cute little bag. Super cute, and I hope that you and your niece had a good weekend. I do understand about the recovery diet, I am in the same boat. Will be going to the beach next Thursday and I need to shed 5lbs hahahaha. Have fun in yours and can't wait to hear all about it when you come back.

In case you are wondering where is Mad For Fashion For Less the blog, sadly is no longer available, but you can become a Mad For Fashion For Less fan via Facebook.

Click Here - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mad-For-Fashion-For-Less/310725935696887

Again thank you so much for your support. Wish me luck in this new journey!
Unknown said…
Love this post! So understand that #teamtighten up!! Haha! I am definitely on that team too.... to recover from vacation! Lol! Anyway, love the skirt and those shoes!!

xo, Kenya
Unknown said…
Looking too cute!!! Again with these shoes, I so need to come raid your closet!!!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Unknown said…
I just sit back and admire your heels because I can't! :) I love that skirt.
YoyosFashions said…
Super cute look!! Love the colors & those shoes are hot!!