Oufit: Sundress, Sun Hat, and Suntan

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm off to a frenzied start this week with work and prepping for my vacation next week. Can you believe it's halfway through the month of July and I have only been to the beach once this summer??? I told the bf he has to do better. He knows I like to beach bum. I'm a nerd so I faithfully carry my Nook with me but I occasionally get up from my beach chair to take photos, get close to the water, and people watch, lol. I will be making up lost time beginning Monday ;-)

This sun is a beast.....I think atmospheric scientists are withholding back some serious revelations.....like the fact that there clearly is no longer an ozone layer. It's just HOT!

I went to lunch with my colleague and she laughed at my sun hat, lol. She thought I was doing the most because she had no intention of staying outdoors for longer than walking from her car to the restaurant. I told her I was going to be in the sun all next week so I needed to protect my skin for any casual outings.....but then I changed my story to the truth. I told her I wanted to look like I was headed to tea and she could just bite me, LOL.

Not sure when I dented the hat but it did protect me pretty well....

Hat - Gifted by mom
Necklace - JC Penney (old)
Dress - Macy's (on sale)
Bracelet - Gifted by friend
Clutch - Zara (no longer available)
Rings - Forever 21
Heels - Aldo (super old)


xoxo Kellz* said…
u look awesome my dear love the hat too!!

Chic Therapy said…
That's a lovely dress!
Unknown said…
LMBO! I love the hat girl. I wish more of us would dress up more often!
Unknown said…
What a great look, and I will call this the perfect Summer look. You look amazing as usual, you know that girl, and the shoes, excellent!
Mad For Fashion For Less

Unknown said…
Very nice, really cute dress and shoes!!

Carsedra McKoy:
Unknown said…
Beautiful dress! The hat sets everything off! Fab!

xo, Kenya
YoyosFashions said…
You look pretty!! Give me that dress! Lol! I love it!!