Outfit: Double Denim and Leopard

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

I'm a little under the weather so here's a quick post I would like to share with you all. See below.

Sidebar: So sorry for the spotted photos.....didn't realize I had prints on the camera lens. SMH

I wear short shorts.....and complain the entire time I wear them. Am I the only chick that does that??? My bf gets annoyed, lol. I just feel as if my thighs are going to take over! Anyways, I was wanting to rock a double dose of denim while I ran a couple of errands the other day and this is what I came up with.


Lately, I've been incorporating a pop of color into my looks....you'll see more coming (you've been warned, lol). This cross body bag gave me the color pop I needed in a big way. I love the rich hue of this purse!

I added the leopard print heels for a fun and chic update to this double denim ensemble.

Top - Macy's (old)
Cross-body bag - Urban Outfitters (on sale)
Belt - Vintage (men's department)
Bangles - Nordstrom's (old)
Shorts - Citizens of Humanity
Heels - Random boutique



Thick Chick said…
Take your butt to bed!!
Thick Chick said…
Uhm... Perhaps you should be in bed...ijs! #imtelling
Fashion Pad said…
BOL....these pics are pre-surgery friend, LOL! I'm under the watchful eye of drill sergeant mom, captain grandma, and admiral bf!
Girl, no you are not the only one. I hate shorts but love them at the same time if I can find some that won't ride up in the front. You look super cute! I love the denim/denim and those heels are badd!!!
G. said…
You already know how I feel about denim! Fab hunny!
YoyosFashions said…
Super cute girlie!! I need your legs!!
Lorraine said…
Super Cute!!

With Love,
Unknown said…
You are looking amazing :D

Love the splash of color too girl!

Happy Wednesday!

Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

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Unknown said…
If I could have legs like yours..*sigh* Cute outfit.
nice spring outfit
do we follow each other?
iesha said…
lol @ you still wearing short shorts! i can't stand them! but then everyone looks at me weird when i where bermudas lol oh well! i like the look on you. and your hair!