New Additions.........again

Greetings Fashionistas,

Happy Friday! This is my last day off and then I'm headed back to work on Monday. I've been out so long I don't think I will remember any of my passwords, lol. Anyways, I'm surprisingly happy to return to work but I will just contribute that to three things: 1. Continual income necessity 2. My undiagnosed ADD (I love to keep my mind challenged) 3. I've been shopping my butt off due to point #2. I've been seeking intervention but my blogger friends are horrible enablers. My close friends just want to steal my purchases, lol. My family is so used to me shopping that my little nephew thought it was my career, SMH. My bf wouldn't dare intervene......he's scared of that side of me :-) Most of my recent purchases have been posted on Instagram, however, since I forgot to edit pics for my personal style posts, I hope you all don't mind taking a look below to view a few more new heels.

Although me and my bank account are no longer speaking due to the abuse I've dealt it recently, I'm sure it will be happy with me again because I've decided to slow down my debit/credit usage for the month of June. This roller coaster treatment is going to stop I promise!

DISCLAIMER: These photos are super horrible. I have the worst lighting in my home and I just refused to go outside to take pics of shoes. There....I admitted to being a lazy blogger. Not sure how my fellow, fab comrades go out and scout locations. You guys rock!!!

Yeah....I've been busy filling up my closet yet again. But danggit something came over me and was determined to expand my shoe wardrobe an alarming rate!!!
I just decided to role with it.....heart palpitations and all, lol.

This blue contrasting heel is what completely sold me about this shoe (blue is my favorite color). And at $7.99......I am definitely happy about the construction of this platform beauty. I was afraid that it would appear super cheap when I received them but to my complete joy, they are well made, comfortable, statuesque, and fierce! Yaaayyy!!!

Heels - (on sale)

 I have been wanting a pair of heels with gold embellishments....soon I'll want bronze and silver (I'm just real finicky these days, SMH). Anyways, when I saw these pair, I thought.....hmmm, they're super trendy but the style is classic so I just decided to go for it.


These heels are not true to size.....they run about a half-size larger. Sooooo annoying! But, they were only $ I'll just deal with them. I won't be able to use heel inserts but I can use the sole inserts and they will give me a small lift and subsequently help with the "extra room".
Heels - (on sale)
Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


Ruth Nyarkoah said…
I loveeeee the black heels. I've been looking for shoes like those and at that price I simply Have to check out amiclubwear. :D
Beauty said…
LOL!!..:-) I was smiling as I read this post. I enjoyed your humor and I can totally relate to your Bank Account not wanting to be friends with you at this time...:-)

All the shoes you "modeled" here are simply FABULOUS! and at those prices, I'll tell my bank account to go take a hike...:-)

Thanks for sharing.