Review: Off Breast Stitching Hollow Backless Dress

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

Today I'm reviewing a product I received courtesy of I was first contacted a several weeks ago but I saved this dress to wear during my birthday week because, as you will see below, it's quite a bold, sexy, and utterly daring garment.

This two-tone body con sheath had me super scared to wear it, lol. However, I will say that the dress did not cut off my circulation and that's just refreshing. I do not like when body con dresses fit like a body magic garment!!! This dress, despite the extra skin exposure, was really comfortable.

This dress features a plunging neckline that places "the twins" in a precarious position. I do not have a large bosom, nor do my breasts freely yield to gravity, however, I was forced to pin the base of the neckline to keep my girls from being exposed to the elements and roving eyes due to a possible wardrobe malfunction.

My favorite part of this dress is the back. I love a back cutout. It's so sexy and usually unexpected which undoubtedly makes it a great exit feature!

I'm sorry for my bad posture here.....I tried on the dress about 4 hours before I actually wore it; just so I could take pics in natural sunlight.
 Now, on to the meat of the review........
PROS -  This dress was definitely a showstopper. I felt sexy, I loved the lightweight, yet sturdy fabric, and I think there was just the right mix of polyester and lycra. The material was really lightweight. Additionally, this dress can be customized to your measurements.....always a plus in my book. The price of the dress is extremely affordable. It's just over $11 bucks; unbelievable!!! Lastly, I was apparently the envy of quite a few dames at the place I wore this dress to. Several ladies wanted to know where I purchased it.
CONS - On, the colors of the dress are listed as orange and red. So if you were anticipating that particular color combination, you would be sorely disappointed when your dress arrived in the mail. The color above is definitely pink. The photos that accompany the dress on the site appear to be slightly different, however, that can be attributed to poor photo quality. Additionally, if you have an ample chest, this dress, as is, would not work for you. However, if you insist on rocking it, please refer to above 'pro' to ensure you avoid any peep shows.

RECOMMEND? - Yes. If the sexy, club dress is your cup of tea, I think this little number would be a perfect addition to your array of party dresses. However, in my honest opinion, I do not see varied uses for this dress as it currently is. But I do plan to wear a t-shirt over the dress, knot the side, and pair it with some edgy heels (ankle boots???). I also think I wear a crop top over the dress and then belt at the bottom for a unique combination.

 I would like to thank for allowing little ol me to review their product. I must mention that their shipping was really quick. Also, I would encourage you all to head on over to their site and check out their vast supply of products for women, men, and kids. Again, the prices are super affordable as they provide factory direct pricing for their trendy arsenal! New products are sourced and added every day to their site which is pretty cool. And yes, they ship internationally.
Don't be afraid to let me know what you think about the dress.....and review.


Unknown said…
Still looking stunning despite the cons you rock this dress girl :D:D

Stop by my blog whenever you have time for a chat :D

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Unknown said…
Hunny you are werking that dress!! I love the cut-out back too! So sexy.

Unknown said…
Shanequa, this dress looks amazing on you and you honestly rock it. I wish I cal wear a number like this but certain parts of my body are not meant to be shown LOL. Love this post and thanks for sharing this vendor.
I love the dress color but it is definitely one of those dresses you wear to a club not out to eat. Great review. I notice with these type of dresses they don't really make the dress arm sleeve by the arm pit to fit.
Unknown said…
Definitely for the grown women out there! I ordered a swimsuit from them and was surprised at the quality despite getting it for the low low. Good review!
Ritah Weikama said…
I love color and oh yer you are rocking the outfit

I have nominated you for the shine ob bloggers
xoxo Kellz* said…
You look gorgeous.
Unknown said…
I LOVE this dress!! HOT girlfriend!! You are WEARING it!!

xo, Kenya
Unknown said…
Wow, this backless dress is really something to raise my self-esteem. I shall surely buy one, and would wear along with my dearest breast shaper- Bye Bra breast stickers.