Outfit: Forest Green Skirt, Chevron Print Clutch, and Heels

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :-) Mine is always too short, lol. I was at home trying to recover from being under the weather for the past umpteenth weeks! I'm on my 2nd round of antibiotics and I'm sooooo over it. I even had to miss Jazz in the Gardens this past weekend in Miami :-( This sucks grass but I must admit that I'm on the mend and although I still have a sexy, raspy voice that borders on the depth of a tenor, I feel so much better.

Below I'm posting pics from a couple of weeks ago after church with my family in my hometown. It's a simple ensemble but I don't care you guys just have to deal because I forgot the blouse that I was going to pair with it so I had to borrow an old tee from my little nephew. *le sigh*

I also left my clutch home so I totally stole my mom's iPad case......she was none the wiser at first, lol.

The chevron print is pretty hot against the forest green color. It really pops!

New heels!!! I like these 'nude' shoes and they will certainly obtain massive mileage this spring/summer. Don't you just love affordable heels that are super comfy???
BTW.....I'm still kind of annoyed that this skirt is way longer than I expected. I'm okay with the fact that I can wear it to church and work but geesh.....that was not my initial intention, lol.

Necklace - Street vendor
Top - Nephew's closet
Skirt - Boohoo.com (on sale)
Fake Clutch - mom's iPad case
Heels - GoJane.com



G. said…
I've been trying to find a skirt like this for the longest! Thank youuuuuuuuu lol

Unknown said…
Hilarious story... would never know that was your Mom's iPad case or your nephew's tee! Look great! The skirt is so cute!

xo, Kenya
iesha said…
green looks great on you and that skirt is short enough! lol

and im loving moms case!

Beauty said…
Nice color combo.