Which One?

Greetings Fashion Divas,

I am debating between two classic pumps that I've wanted for quite some time. However, I can be extremely hesitant with a purchase I know will be around forever. I know, and you're absolutely right, that's just plain weird. But in my defense......well, shoot, I just lost the case because I really don't have one, lol.

Well now I'm going back and forth between these two sexy classics below. I love the shape of a pump and well, this basic style is pretty much never going out of season. And if it should happen to do so one day.....well, I'm going to rock it anyways and not give two fecks about it!

So, can either of you help me decide which pump is the sexier beast??? At first, I was hell bent on the Pigalle stilettos but then I saw a fellow fashionista rocking the Anouk and I immediately started to stalk these gems. Intervention anyone? Seriously.....anyone? Alright, let me get back focused. I want a sky high pump that makes an instant statement without being over the top or trendy. Which one do you think would be the ultimate selection?

First up is the 'Anouk'.......

Jimmy Choo Anouk Patent-Leather Pumps - $595 net-a-porter
It looks great on the model online and, as I stated above, I've instantly spotted them while doing some online fashion voyeurism. The heels are simple but powerful!
Last is the 'Pigalle'...........
Pigalle 120 - $625 Christian Louboutin
These gorgeous heels have been spotted all over the place. I do not follow the crowd but I do trail aimlessly behind a tasty, fashion morsel ;-)
So, what say you my fellow fashion advisors????


Unknown said…
My vote is for Jimmy Choo!
Farrah said…
I say the Pigalle, it's just something sexy about that shoe.
Unknown said…
i vote for the pigalle.
very sexy.

Beauty said…
As a shoe lover, I would vote for both!...:-) they are both great looking pairs and anyone you pick would do really.
Anonymous said…
Love the bag and shoes. Some of them are here too - http://www.fsession.com/index.php/bags/blackhandbags.html