Outfit: Maroon, Army Green, and Leopard

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

Welcome back from the weekend! I'm not going to comment much about the Super Bowl yesterday because I'm mad for my ''football homie in my head''......Peyton Manning. He had such an awesome season and to have it culminate with the tragic ending that was yesterday's game was disheartening. I attended a Super Bowl party and it was a LOT of Seahawks fans there....so imagine my irritation, LOL. Anyhew, I'm not going to dwell....moving right along.

Below are a few pics that I took a few weeks back on my way to brunch. I had a rare chance to rock a few layers. For some odd reason, my other photos came out super blurry. SMH. I need to upgrade my camera ASAP!

 Temps dipped low enough so that I could break out the multi-layers without passing out from rapidly rising temperatures. It was a welcome change, but overall, I still prefer our warm climate. But on a fashion note, these ankle boots are certainly a fab staple that I'm glad I scooped up. They're pretty badass if I say so myself, lol.
I've been shopping in the men's department lately and it's a really....interesting endeavor, lol. Their clothes are pretty pricey. I'm used to paying ridiculously low prices for garments! Poor guys :-( Anyways, I scooped up this army green button-down for a more slouchy look. I also envisioned layering it with other pieces. To be honest, it's really too huge and I think I prefer my clothes to be a tad super close to my body. Sue me!
Sidenote: I really don't like that I chose huge, gold earrings to accessorize with. What was I thinking???
Earrings - Street vendor
Vest/Jeans - Forever 21 (old)
Button-down Shirt/LClutch - Urban Outfitters
Top - Love Culture (old)
Boots - Aldo (old)



Unknown said…
Love how you layered this! The color palette is gorgeous! Love it!

xo, Kenya
Joy Shana said…
Love the boots, you look lovely
Tanya said…
Love your braids girl. I want my hair in braids.