Outfit: Forest Green Skirt and Ruffled Button Down

Greetings Fashion Pad Readers,

It's Monday. *le sigh*. I hope you all had a good weekend. I was on call but I still was able to get out and enjoy myself. Another fun filled weekend.....it's my mission and so far I've been successful ;-)

Did any of you guys shop the Peter Pilotto for Target designer collection? I did. And I really loved the pieces! Usually, I go the opposite direction when every one flocks to these designer collabos because I don't want to be dressed like everyone else. But what can I say, there was a pair of wide-leg printed pants and bikini/crop top that had my name ALL over them. I couldn't possibly deny them right? So I did my due diligence and contributed to Target's bottom line and added another two pieces to my bulging wardrobe. Excited!

This "Sunday best" look was taken a couple months ago. I forgot about these pics which is why I'm posting now.
Excuse the lack of color on my face. I don't wear a lot of makeup (I honestly am lazy and don't know how to apply it), but I usually will use a tinted lip gloss and mascara diligently. But that day......I was fighting the devil to get there so I had no time for extras, lol.

This entire outfit reminds me of the Victorian period. From the ruffled blouse, to the cinched waist, and billowy skirt. Even the shoes are prim and proper. Didn't realize I looked so matronly until after I edited these photos, LOL.

When I purchased this skirt, I really thought it was going to be a mini. Imagine my disappointment when I realized this sucker was knee length, lol. But I still love that it fits into my wardrobe well for either a professional, business ensemble or for church.
These heels.........fab!

Earrings - Forever 21 (old)
Blouse - Banana Republic (old)
Belt - Charlotte Russe
Rings - Street vendor
Skirt - Boohoo.com (out of stock)
Shoes - Shoedazzle.com (no longer available)


YoyosFashions said…
Cute classy look!! Love the shoes!!
Hello Yvonne said…
Those shoes are so cute! & Although I like a good mini, it's a good length too styled beautifully!!
xoxo Kellz* said…
u look great babe!!!!
Unknown said…
Gurrrrrrl you and those shoes, I am too through!!!!

Carsedra McKoy of:
Beauty said…
You look lovely; I love the skirt and heels.
Saucy Siciliana said…
You look so cool! I love the shirt, you're right it is Victorian. The boots are so cute.

Velma Williams said…
your just like me when it comes to makeup I get lazy to put them on, but I am on a journey on learning how to perfect it. Nice outfit!
LA Lynn's said…
Gimme hose shoesss.. Nope, I did NOT shop the Peter Pilotto for Target designer collection - I'm PROUD of myself and you should be too! LOL